You might have heard of LDAP before if you work in the IT field. If you don’t work in that industry, though, you may know little or nothing about it. However, LDAP matters for many different businesses in 2022, so you should know about some of the basics.

We’ll break down LDAP in the following article. We’ll talk about what it is and also what it can potentially do for your company.

What is LDAP?

LDAP stands for lightweight directory access protocol. The original developers came up with it as a way to control directory services for businesses. In other words, if you run a company that uses IT resources, as almost all of them do, you can use LDAP to securely manage your users and access rights.

You can set up basic LDAP functionality if you use MAC devices or Linux ones. 55% of companies are MAC-friendly these days, while about 90% of world cloud infrastructure is Linux-oriented. When you look at the stats, it is easy to see why so many companies want to utilize LDAP to keep up with modern business needs.

What Can LDAP Do for Your Company?

You probably still want to know more specifically what LDAP can do for you. Say that you set up a basic LDAP format for your bespoke computer system that your workers use every day.

By doing so, you can store user data in one accessible, central location. That is very helpful if you have workers who regularly need to access your company’s data.

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You can also keep careful track of what users can see particular data subsets or access individual resources. You might have a company where you only want particular workers to access certain files, while someone higher up in the food chain can see more of them.

You can make sure that the right workers can access technical applications, your server infrastructure, networking equipment, and file servers. Your employees will be able to do their work without hassling your IT team for access all the time.

How Can You Set Up LDAP for Your Business?

You will need to hire an IT crew to set up LDAP for your company if you don’t have it in place yet. You can either have your in-house IT team do it or, if you don’t have one, you can always hire some freelance IT professionals to handle the job.

If you already pay an IT crew for full-time work, you can just tell them to set up an LDAP system, and they can do it before they get back to their regular tasks. The process will probably take a few weeks or even months in some instances if you have a larger, more complex business structure.

How Easy Is It to Adjust to LDAP?

You might also wonder how easy it is to use a new LDAP setup once you have one in place. The good news is that it is actually not all that complex once you install it, even for individuals who don’t work specifically in the IT field. LDAP can be pretty intuitive if you set it up correctly.

Your workers and customers can use your directory server for various tasks once you have a basic LDAP setup governing it. They can retrieve data and also store it. They can search for data matching a criterion they set up. Your workers can authenticate client identities before they let them access your system.

You can set up a tutorial for your workers and any outside contractors who use your software suite. You can also have a training day where your IT team or the freelancers you hired might show your non-IT workers how to use the new LDAP setup.

They should not take very long to adjust, and once they have, you will quickly see why LDAP has grown so popular lately. When all your data is in a single, central depository, anyone who you want to access certain parts of it can do so.

For instance, you won’t have to manage user lists for each group that’s part of a larger organization. Anyone who’s anywhere in your network can access the resources they need, and you can also shut them out of any places where you don’t want them to go.

If you’re at the top of your company’s chain of command, you should have access to any file or data within the system. Anyone lower down will not have that unrestricted access.

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