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How To Recover Old or Deleted  AOL Emails? Get Solutions And Tips

AOL email is an email service provider and is a subpart of one of the leading Verizon Communications. AOL email supports up to 54 languages and when it comes to features, it possesses features much similar to other email giants like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. If you use an email client for browsing the emails, AOL email can be your great choice as it supports various protocols (like SMTP, POP, IMAP) needed at the time of configuring the email client. Thus, AOL can be added on platforms like iPhone, Android, and Outlook. Moreover, it offers unlimited mailbox size, has an email attachment size of up to 25MB, and much more.

If you are an AOL email user and have deleted some email accidentally. Now, after the deletion of the emails, you are wandering on the world wide web to know the exact solutions for it. Do not panic, as the solutions for it have been curated from external sources and experienced by our team so that you do not have to struggle with the same. 

Before proceeding ahead, let me share an experience of one of my friends with deleted AOL emails. Once he faced the same situation, he also lost the AOL emails mistakenly, and later to cope with this situation, he went through all possible solutions available on the world wide web, and finally, he recovered the emails. But before that, he had to suffer as he could not reply back to the recently received emails (because they all were deleted mistakenly). 

But I do not want you to struggle a lot similar to him, so here in this article, I am providing some sure-shot solutions which have already been gone through by the team. 

So, let us begin.

Solutions To Recover AOL Deleted Emails

Are you looking for solutions for the above-said issue and want to know how to recover old AOL emails? Do not worry as ahead from here you will be provided with working solutions and by going through them you can easily resolve the issue.

Solution 1: Recover AOL Deleted Emails from Trash

Have you deleted the AOL emails accidentally and it has been less than 7 days? If yes, this solution is for you. 

Here you will have to go to the Trash folder and follow the below-depicted steps sequentially so that you could resolve the issue.

Let us begin with the steps.

Step 1: Open up your device (e.g. desktop, Android, iPhone)

Step 2: Launch the Web browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Safari)

Step 3: Type in the address bar “” or you may directly go to this web address from here

Step 4: Once you have landed on the homepage of AOL, click on the “Envelope” icon (located at the top left corner of the AOL homepage). Get the idea from the below image.

Step 5: Now the AOL email webpage will be opened and you are required to enter the correct credentials to log in.

Step 6: Once logged in, click on the “Trash” (located on the left pane). Also shown in the below image.

Step 7: Here you will get to see all the recently deleted emails. Choose the email which you were looking for and tick the checkbox in front of it.

Step 8: Now, click on the “Action” button

Step 9: Choose “Inbox” under the “Move to” option as shown in the image.

Here onwards you may go to the “Inbox” and check whether your deleted emails are recovered or not.

To sum up the above steps, let us start with a quick summary. The steps described above are for recovering the deleted emails from the trash folder and to achieve this, first and foremost you will have to log in to the AOL website and later, log in to its mail feature. If you are successfully logged in, you may go to the “Trash” folder and hunt for the mistakenly deleted email. Once found, tick all of them and using the “Action” button, move them all to the “Inbox” and hence your recently deleted emails will be moved to the “Inbox”.

So, this was a short snippet of the above-said steps. Now you may go to the next solution if you have not found your email in the “trash” folder. 

Solution 2: Recover AOL Deleted Emails from Server

If you are looking for emails that have been deleted for more than 7 days, this is the solution that can help you in recovering such old deleted AOL emails.

Since the emails reside on the server rather than on your computer. So, it is not possible to recover the emails from your computer and it becomes important to focus on the server-side. So, you may contact the respective server administrator and ask them to fix the issue. In exchange for it, they may ask you to make some payment. After contacting the administrator, follow his/her advice thoroughly and get the issue resolved.  

Solution 3: Recover AOL Deleted Emails using Email Recovery Software

As already discussed above, the emails reside on the server rather than on the local computer. So, none of the technology can help you in recovering the emails from the server except the server administrator. But in some cases, it is found that the users use an email client (eg, Outlook, Mailbird, Thunderbird) and in this case, files stay on the computer. So, you may use any email recovery software to recover the deleted AOL emails.

It is easy to use any email recovery software as you are required to follow certain steps mentioned on their forums or web portals or documentation and this way, the whole accessibility guide can help you in operating the software.

Precautions to Avoid The Issue in Future

You can easily recover the deleted emails from the above-said solutions and what if I assure you that in the coming future you will never ever delete the important mails, because here in the coming passage I am going to share some points, using them you will never ever delete any important mail. So the points are:

  1. Maintain a habit of checking the “Trash” folder periodically. This way, you will have a sharp eye on the recently deleted emails and will never ever face the same situation again.
  2. Get habitual to reading the email every time you think of deleting the email. By following this step, the chances of deleting the important email will reduce to an extent.
  3. Create a new folder and name it randomly by any name. While reading the recently received or any email, if you find yourself not sure enough whether you should delete it or not, make a habit of moving such emails to that recently created folder. This way, all your “inbox” will stay organized, and the chances of losing the email will go down to a greater extent.

So, these were the solutions for recovering deleted AOL emails. After following the above solutions, if you are still not able to recover the deleted emails, you may switch to contacting the respective customer support and get the emails recovered.

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