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Getting an ATT Care Code: 205.4? We Have Ultimate Solutions to Bail You Out.

SBCGlobal has been the best contender in the contest of email service providers, and one major reason for it is the quality of its service. But, now SBCGlobal is not an independent provider due to its merger with AT&T in the year 2005 and AT&T is now a part of Yahoo, so is SBCGlobal. And due to this users are facing more problems than ever. As now SBCGlobal is managed by Yahoo Mail Server, the incidents of error codes are becoming more common, one such commonly occurring error code is ATT Care Code: 205.4

SBCGlobal ATT Care Code: 205.4 has been ignored by the brand, thus so exact troubleshooting method has been introduced yet. But we decided to decode this error and find the befitting solutions to Care Code: 205.4

Are you also getting an ATT Care Code: 205.4? Or you believe that you are locked out of the Yahoo email account? Here we are sharing some most effective remedies that will help you resolve the problem, but before that let’s understand what this error code is.

What is ATT Care Code: 205.4?

The ATT Care Code: 205.4 can be defined as an AT&T login issue because it only occurs when you try to access AT&T or its legacy email service like SBCGlobal email. This error code indicates that “ATT servers aren’t recognizing the email address and/or password” of your email account and you will be asked to sign in using a different email ID.

Whenever this error takes place, you can’t sign in to Yahoo through any AT&T domains such as AT&,, and On the contrary, only one domain can help you to sign-in and i.e. “ATT.COM” login page. But you can’t always get in using the AT & T sign-in page in the case of AT&T Care Code: 205.4. 

Therefore, we have listed some of the most effective solutions to the Care Code: 205.4. By implementing these solutions you can easily resolve certain email issues

Here Are the Solutions to Yahoo Sbcglobal.Net CARE CODE 205.4

Those who have given their hopes and are not able to recover their AT&T email account from SBCGlobal.Net CARE CODE 205.4, try these solutions one-by-one till you achieve the desired outcomes. 

Solution 1: Resetting Sbcglobal.Net Email Password

When suffering from CARE CODE 205.4 with your SBCGlobal email account, another thing to stay clear of a locked SBCGlobal account that can pave its way through too many login failures is resetting your account password. To understand this better, even when you are entering the right password or username, AT&T won’t recognize your account and prevent you from accessing the SBCGlobal account and repeated unsuccessful login attempts would get your account locked to maintain the security of your account.

Hence, the solution to this is “Resetting SBCGlobal email password”. To reset the SBCGlobal email password, try these steps:

Step 1: Go to your browser and open the ATT password recovery page:

Step 2: After opening this, type in your “User ID” and “Last Name” and then “Continue”.

Step 3: Now, wait till the “Account Verification Page” will open on your screen. On the same screen, you will get different recovery methods to verify your identity.

  • Method 1: Using the mobile phone number
  • Method 2: Using the secondary email address
  • Method 3: By answering the security question.
  • Method 4: Using the Temporary password

Step 4: After choosing the suitable recovery method, follow the on-screen instructions to get the verification code for proving your authorization. 

Step 5: Submit the verification code on the password recovery webpage. 

Step 6: You will be then asked to create a new password for your AT&T email account. Type the same password again.

Step 7: Click on “Save” and your new password is all set to use.

Important Note: On creating the new password, you need to make sure that the newly created password should be updated on every app and device where the SBCGlobal email account has been used or linked to. Do the same on third-party email services for AT&T email account configuration.

Resetting the password would most probably take you out of the CARE CODE 205.4, but if not you need to keep fighting. If your account is locked out, it can also be due to sending spam, compromised email account security settings, or hacked email account. If you find that your account is deactivated due to these factors, never hesitate to reach the AT&T help team.

Solution 2: Check your SBCGlobal User ID

Talking of this reason, we need to understand that the wrong ID is as damaging as an incorrect password. Therefore, a username should not be overlooked when you are not able to access your SBCGlobal user ID; double-check your SBCGlobal email username while performing the sign-in process. But if you have forgotten the username of your account, you are suggested to sign in using the steps given below:

Step 1: Firstly, to retrieve your username, go to the “ATT Find your Password Page”.

Step 2: In the said webpage, click on the “Forgot User ID?” link. 

Step 3: On the prompted screen, you will be asked to enter the alternative email address.

Step 4: Click on the “Continue” button to move on.

Step 5: You will receive the new user ID on the email address that you provided for recovery.

Step 6: Now, use the same user ID that you’ve received to sign-in your AT&T email account.  

There is another way to do this. Go to the link: “” and click on “Find My ID” and you will be then asked to verify the email address that you registered with your account during AT&T sign-up. Then, you will receive an email including your User ID to sign in to your SBCGlobal email account.

Check whether you are now able to sign in using the newly generated User ID. This will probably fix the issue you were facing and allow you to access your AT&T account without any hindrances. However, if the issue persists, try the next solution. 

Solution 3: Change Email Client Settings

Having your SBCGlobal email account, configured on the desktop client offers ease in managing incoming and outgoing emails. Users prefer configuring SBCGlobal email on Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple, and Android email clients but they end up facing the CARE CODE 205.4. The only explanation behind this is using the incorrect set of configuration settings. On facing an error, make sure you thoroughly check the Incoming and Outgoing server settings for the SBCGlobal email client.

Adjusting and updating your SBCGlobal server settings is a cakewalk if you follow the right instructions. First, go to the “Account Settings” page of the respective email client on which you want to set up your email account and click on the AT&T SBCGlobal email account for which you want to adjust the settings and then select “Change”. Now, check if you have entered the correct email server settings by matching them with the below-given details.

Account TypeSelect (either) IMAP or POP3
Incoming mail (IMAP) (POP3)
Outgoing mail (IMAP) (POP3)
Incoming server993 (IMAP)Enter 995 (POP3)
Outgoing server465 (for both IMAP and POP3)
Type of Encrypted ConnectionChoose SSL (for both)

Solution 4: Fix Your Network Connectivity and Browsers Issues

The next factor that can be responsible for your encounter with AT&T CARE CODE 205.4 is a poor network connection. Therefore, make sure you keep a constant watch on the strength of your network connection and fix the internet issues that are keeping you from accessing your SBCGlobal email account

Apart from this, browser issues can also induce malfunctions of your AT&T email account by interfering with the backend operations, thus, clear cookies and cache from your browser and then update it to the latest version. AT&T only offers its services on compatible browsers, therefore make sure the browser you are using supports AT&T and vice versa.

AT&T Supported BrowsersAT&T Non-supported Browsers
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge
Safari 5 and the previous version
Internet Explorer (all versions)

Important Note: If you don’t have a compatible browser installed on your device, use the given links to install the latest version of an AT&T-supported browser. 

We are done here! Now, you are all set to combat AT&T CARE CODE 205.4 and various other technical or general glitches that are hindering your smooth access. Keep this guide handy to fix future instances of SBCGlobal email issues.

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