Black Diamonds: 5 Jewelry Pieces to Buy

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Diamonds are always the best choice when your aim is to create a flawless image. The jewelry with diamonds, as expected, adds refined luxury to the look and highlights the exquisite taste of the wearer. But what if you’re searching for more? When jewelry with ordinary stones seems boring, it’s time to try something unique and unusual.

How about some carbonados? Sounds like some Italian dish to you? In fact, that’s the name for natural black diamonds. Found only in a few mines in Brazil and Central Africa, they get their specific color from the graphite inclusions. The stones are rare, and that’s why the jewelry featuring natural black diamonds is so unique and valuable. But don’t be fooled by the name “natural black”, as the amount of inclusions the diamond gets naturally is not enough to provide the gem with deep even black color. 

What a great thing that mankind is persistent to the level that when they want jewelry with beautiful black diamonds they’ll find a way to achieve it. This time they’ve even thought of two. The experiments with the gems that have graphite inclusions led to the result of heat turning such a diamond black. The heat-treated black diamond upon a closer look with light and magnifying glass has the ‘pepper and salt effect’, but in jewelry, it possesses a dark appealing color. The diamonds were also tested with radiation, and it appeared that it helps the stone to get a green color. The larger the dose, the darker the color until it becomes black with a greenish shade. Even treated diamonds are real gems only with their color a bit enhanced, so you may not worry about their authenticity.

So, have you already decided what black diamond jewelry piece to get? Is it going to be a black diamond bracelet, or do you prefer a necklace? Maybe, you’ve thought of a nice ring with a black diamond? If the diversity makes you uncertain, allow us to help a bit. Let’s talk about 5 jewelry pieces that look exceptionally well with black diamonds.


The combination of different earring styles with black diamonds provides a lot of stunning designs able to spice up the look. How about starting with something neither too flashy nor too plain? We’re talking about hoops or huggie types of earrings. The delicate hoops set with black diamonds will ensure the elegance of your image. Their unobtrusive design will highlight the sense of style without stealing the show from the person wearing them. The black diamond earrings can finish as business looks and outfits for special events. The mix of simple hoop style with unusual black diamonds makes the jewelry captivating and sharp. It’s the best way to demonstrate you know a thing or two about high-end jewelry.


As vintage items are so popular among prominent fashion designers, why not give a chance to the necklace with black diamonds that looks like hereditary jewelry? Consider the necklace with the mixture of black diamonds and the classic colorless gems, that possess the vivid central element. Of course, it’s not jewelry for casual looks or everyday wear, but it’ll definitely draw attention during dinner in a nice restaurant or at a luxury party. Don’t hesitate to treat yourself to the sophisticated glamor of fine jewelry, as along with beauty it also makes a good investment and can indeed become the piece that is passed down the generations.


The real diamond tennis bracelet is legendary jewelry that doesn’t require any recommendations. It’s perfection in its purest and most elegant form. Just imagine the tennis bracelet with black diamonds instead. It can only be compared to the Black Swan of the Swan Lake ballet – delicate, beautiful, and mysterious. The versatile black diamond tennis bracelet is the piece to add a unique charm to any style. Consider wearing it together with the classic variant of the tennis bracelet to reach the edgy contrast effect everyone will appreciate. The flawless style of the tennis bracelet has been favored for such a long time for a reason. It’s the iconic jewelry that proves that the appeal of the diamonds requires nothing extra.


This year the massive statement rings are beating the fashion trends. Don’t miss the chance to get yourself a unique large black diamond. The flashy cocktail ring with black diamond is once again the extravagant combination of vintage-looking jewelry and modern tendencies. When the color becomes trendy, they usually say that it’s the new black, but what do we say when black is making its comeback? Nevertheless, the black diamond cocktail ring fits mainstream fashion perfectly this season. It is also able to add a dramatic, mysterious, and somewhat fatalistic flair. It’s a piece for individuals with strong character and will. The atmospheric jewelry is set with dark chic.


There are a lot of superstitions concerning pendants with black diamonds, and most of them are based on color. Some fears are fed by the story of Black Orlov, the notorious black stone famous for its curse. Rumor has it that the gem was stolen from the eye of the statue of the Hindu god Brahma, and ever since the owners of the diamond were doomed to death. One of its owners, Russian princess Nadia Vygin-Orlov, gave her name to the diamond. She followed the sad fate of the previous owners together with her sister. After their death the new owner cut the stone into three pieces hoping to break the curse, they are now set in different jewelry items. There is no reliable proof that the dark stone set into the precious metal causes misfortunes, on the contrary, we may guarantee that the pendant with black diamonds will elevate your style. The modern designs of the pendants featuring black diamonds represent the items fit for the crème de la crème of jewelry connoisseurs. You’ll love the unusual mystical vibes the pendant may provide, especially if you don’t mind a bit of Gothic aesthetics inherent to The Addams Family.

In search of unique jewelry, you can be certain that there’s no better choice than the diamond that was able to turn its imperfections into the most alluring feature. No matter what jewelry item you pick, a ring, a bracelet, or earrings, the presence of diamonds enhances the impression they make instantly. But if you chose black diamonds for your piece, attention is guaranteed. Don’t hesitate to experiment with combining black stones with colorless gems, and ones of other fancy colors, the unexpected extraordinary results may surprise you turning out to be the jewelry worthy of your style.

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