Why Quality Underlay Circuits Matter with SD-WAN

SD-WAN, or Software-Defined Wide Area Networking, is a powerful technology that allows businesses to extend the capabilities of their networks across multiple physical locations. To ensure optimal performance and reliability, however, it’s essential to ensure that an SD-WAN setup includes quality underlay circuits.

This article will look at some reasons why quality underlay circuits matter with SD-WAN. From improved bandwidth utilization to enhanced visibility into network performance, high-quality underlay circuits can provide many benefits for organizations deploying or wondering about ways to buy SD-WAN solutions.

By understanding the advantages of SD-WAN procurement and incorporating them into an overall network strategy, businesses can reap the rewards of an optimized SD-WAN deployment.

Improved Bandwidth Utilization

Utilizing quality underlay circuits can help organizations take their SD-WAN implementations to the next level, as they provide better control over bandwidth utilization. Quality underlays can create a centralized system of direct links by routing client traffic over dedicated paths.

These unique pathways increase resiliency and set guaranteed lanes for critical applications, ultimately allowing companies more capacity for transferring data and controlling bandwidth utilization. Organizations can reduce complexities typically associated with network procurement by incorporating quality underlays into their SD-WAN setups.

Enhanced Visibility into Network Performance

Quality underlay circuits in SD-WAN can also provide tremendous insight into the performance of a network. For example, with quality underlay path reporting, administrators can easily observe application performance speeds and latency and prioritize mission-critical applications over less important ones.

This gives them a detailed view of what data is being transferred across the network and greater control over how it’s flowing.

With enhanced visibility into network performance provided through improved underlay circuits, organizations have the means to transform raw data into useful information on how their networks are performing and can intelligently adjust their configurations to meet operational objectives.

Reduced Network Congestion

Quality of service (QoS) underlay circuits in SD-WAN provide a direct path from source to destination, leading to reduced overall network congestion. However, network congestion can cause technical issues and poor performance for system users when unchecked.

Companies can positively tackle these dilemmas through QoS-enabled underlays with proactive monitoring, real-time identification, and rapid isolation and resolution of network anomalies. By utilizing quality underlay circuits in their SD-WAN platform, companies can achieve better network performance without needlessly clogging their networks with unoptimized traffic.

Doing so helps business systems run smoother and faster while delivering an improved end-user experience.

Increased Reliability and Resiliency

Quality underlay circuits in SD-WAN can also contribute significantly to increased reliability and resiliency. By utilizing these circuits, administrators can ensure that any disruptions or latency won’t considerably affect the quality of their services.

This means that the end-user experience is maintained through effective network management, which results in less downtime and improved performance. In addition, with quality underlay circuitry in place, businesses can feel confident that their network will provide optimal performance no matter what workload or traffic changes they experience.

Not only is this incredibly beneficial for operations and customer satisfaction, but it also helps ensure that organizations remain competitive. All these make investments in quality underlay circuits within SD-WAN highly valuable and cost-efficient.

Significant Cost Savings

Speaking of cost efficiency, implementing quality, high-performance underlay circuits in SD-WAN deployments is a wise investment that can lead to many potential cost savings. Such underlays are designed to provide consistent performance, allowing for longer-term reliability and improved network utilization for businesses.

This, in turn, means less overhead costs due to outages or downtime, fewer resources from IT teams spent maintaining the network, and increased throughput, enabling companies to spend less on more expensive higher-tier circuits.

Quality underlay solutions are also more future-proof than many alternatives, so they can remain effective even as new technologies come down the line. Altogether, utilizing top-tier underlays in SD-WAN deployments is a proactive move that pays off in immediate and long-term cost savings.

Better Security

Finally, quality underlay circuits in SD-WAN offers improved security over other options. These applications are designed to protect against malicious activity or data leakage while providing secure access control. The underlay infrastructure provides end-to-end traffic encryption, ensuring that all data is confidential and secure from outsiders.

This is especially important for organizations with sensitive information or those that must comply with regulatory requirements. Through quality underlay circuits, companies can rest assured that their data is protected and secure from malicious activity.


All in all, investing in quality underlay circuits for SD-WAN deployments is a smart move. Not only can it save companies money, but it also boosts network reliability, performance, and security.

In addition, with the help of quality underlays, businesses can ensure that their network is updated with the latest technology while providing a smooth, secure end-user experience. So don’t hesitate to invest – it will be worth it in the long run.

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