What Changed When CCDE 400-007 Replaced CCDE 352-001be?


Have you ever had to change your CCDE number in the recent past? If so, you’re not alone. A lot of people do! It seems like every other day, you hear about somebody who is changing their CCDE or CCSD. Sometimes these numbers are done to poor planning by the student, and other times they’re due to changes in the course requirements. 

This post discusses changing the CCDE 352-001be to CCDE 400-007. It covers all aspects of the change, including how it was scheduled, what happened at the beginning then continue reading CCDE written exam 400-007, and how things turned out in the end.


The CCDE Conference is an annual meeting of the Certified Computer Engineer (CCE) credentialing body. The conference is generally held in the spring, providing CCEs with a forum to share best practices and discuss current trends in computing.

In 2017, the CCDE Conference was replaced by the ACM SIGCHI Conference on Computer-Human Interaction. The ACM SIGCHI Conference is a more general conference that includes topics such as computer science, design, human-computer interaction, software engineering, information systems, artificial intelligence, etc.

Why Did CCDE 400-007 Replace CCDE 352-001be?

CCDE 400-007 replaced CCDE 352-001be because the new version includes more information on Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM) and its features. The new version also expands coverage to include topics such as voice over IP (VoIP), presence, and unified messaging.

In addition, the new version also contains updated examples and case studies to help you better understand how to use UCM. Finally, the new edition includes updates on standards and best practices relevant to today’s Unified Communications market.

If you are currently using CCDE 352-001be, it is essential to upgrade to CCDE 400-007 as soon as possible. The sooner you do this, the easier it will be to keep up with the latest changes in the UCM market.

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What is Needed for Successful Implementation of New Materials?

When CCDE – replaced CCDE -be several changes needed to be made for the new program to be successful. One of the most significant changes was the need for a different type of training.

CCDE -required candidates to have prior experience in materials science and engineering. However, CCDE -replacement requires a different type of training. Candidates now need a background in biology, chemistry, and physics. Materials science and engineering now understand how cells, molecules, and particles interact.

Another significant change was the need for updated software. The old software was not designed to handle the complexities of the new program. It required updating the software and hiring additional staff.

Overall, it was necessary for many changes for CCDE -replacement to be successful. These changes allowed more people to gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in materials science and engineering careers.

What Happened When CCDE 352-001be Replaced with CCDE 400-007?

When CCDE 352-001be replaced with CCDE 400-007, a few changes occurred. Firstly, the new course covers various topics, including business process management and information systems. Secondly, the course is more interactive and practical, providing students with more opportunities to practice their skills.

Overall, the new course is better designed and more comprehensive than the old one. It is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their business process management and information systems skills. If you are interested in taking this course, visit the GC website to learn more about it!

Several changes took place when the CCDE -was replaced with the CCDE 400-007. Below are some of the most notable changes.

Different Requirements for Exam Preparation

The CCDE requires candidates to have a certain level of experience before they can take the exam. The CCDE -007 does not have this requirement and is aimed at new professionals starting their careers.

More Focus on Cybersecurity

The CCDE -007 focuses more on cybersecurity than the CCDE -be did. This is because the cyber world is constantly changing and evolving, and it is essential that professionals know how to protect themselves and their businesses from cybercrime.

More Attention to Regulations

The CCDE -007 focuses more on regulations than the CCDE -be did. This is because regulations are constantly changing, and professionals must be up-to-date to comply with them as necessary.

More Focus on Project Management

The CCDE -007 focuses more on project management than the CCDE -be did. This is because project management is one of the critical skills.


When CCDE 352-001be was replaced with CCDE 400-007 then continue reading CCDE written exam 400-007, some people may have noticed a change in the level of detail and specificity for each topic. However, this update is designed to make the exam more applicable and current by including new technologies and changes since 352-001be was created. Overall, they believe this update will help candidates prepare for the certification exam.

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