How to Use Content Marketing to Promote Your Small Business

Most entrepreneurs already understand the benefits of content marketing but still do not use it in practice. The reason is the lack of time, money, and understanding of how it should all work. 

What to do? The secret is not to spend a lot of money but to make the best use of the resources at your disposal. Rafal Reyzer’s SEO flythroughs can also help you with this.

If you know your audience – that’s already a good start. The second necessary condition – is the presence of the strategy around which the work will be built. Budget is also important, but some things affect the results as much as the money.

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Defining the Target Audience

How to determine the audience? All you have to do now is create a picture of your primary clients and figure out what kinds of material would appeal to them.

Once you’ve identified your target audience, it’s much easier to come up with topics for publications and identify possible digital channels, such as targeting ads on social media.

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Content Structures

Using multiple content types and combinations allows you to find what works best. It’s possible that in terms of traffic and conversions, only 1-2 formats are optimal for you. But diversity may be the key to success in your niche.

Other ideas of content allow you to share it on other platforms, giving the audience a broader reach. The right way to handle all this diversity is to “repackage” the same material. You can find more here.

It is important to remember that the article should not consist of only text. On social media, 90% of success brings the article thumbnail. Skilled picture retouching providers make thumbnails for banners, articles with a CTR of 15-35% instead of the usual 1-15%. It is also recommended to retouch other photos used in the article. If you can, prepare another short video that tells the essence of your product in 30-60 seconds – this will significantly increase the conversion – up to 6% for some niches.

Keyword Analysis

Proper keyword optimization makes it easier to attract traffic from organic search results. Be sure to include the main search terms that your article is about in the title, text, and other page elements.

This is relevant for broad topics that will require extensive content creation. Preliminary keyword analysis also makes it easier to formulate your article’s structure and plan what information to include.

Purpose and Content Marketing Opportunities

What goals you are going to achieve and setting specific KPIs is critical to assessing value toward them. Setting goals is the foundation of any marketing plan. It’s essential to set them if only to allocate limited resources in the best possible way.

For content marketing, goals can be as follows:

  • increase brand awareness;
  • increasing traffic to the site;
  • attracting potential customers;
  • audience retention;
  • generating conversions and leads.

First the Strategy, Then Everything Else

Any long-term project requires the creation of a preliminary plan for its implementation. For example, are you going to start a company blog? First, form a content plan with topics for two months ahead. Then, decide how often you’ll publish new content and distribute content to best blogs. These are essential questions to answer before you even get started. 

Attention to Social Networks

Content on social networks needs to be constantly analyzed, adjusted, and improved. Get involved:

  • Touch on hot topics;
  • Talk about problems;
  • Ask for advice;
  • Hold polls, contests, and marathons;
  • Introduce gamification (a complex but good tool).

Most people come to social media more for entertainment than for use anyway. So you have to be able to combine jokes and severe work.

Posts, of course, you need to promote with the help of targeted advertising. But it would help if you also encouraged wisely. Otherwise, you will drain the budget. Must be developed promotion strategy. You must clearly understand your target audience, what these people want, how you can help them, and what your difference is from your competitors.

Measuring Results

Before you start exploring other sites for inspiration, you need to understand what’s working for you. First, you need to study the effectiveness of published content, examining the pages that generate the most traffic.

Also, figuring out which content provided an excellent return helps with social signals statistics. For example, a page shared on social media by a few hundred users can generate many conversions.

Attention to Readability

No one likes to read texts in which it is entirely impossible to understand the point and where the desired fragment is located, especially if one looks at a page from a cell phone on a screen the size of a palm.

The modern audience is not characterized by a great desire to understand or understand anything. That is why the page should be designed so that it can be quickly “scanned” with a glance.

CTA in Texts

Sometimes a person who has read an article does not understand what he should do next after he has finished it. So then he closes the tab and goes on surfing the Web.

Therefore, each article on your site should contain CTA elements that appeal to further action. For example, a button offering to order an express audit after a blog post about why you need a site audit or online store.


Content marketing for small businesses is a necessary component of SEO and can work great for attracting new audiences and retaining existing ones. However, there is no perfect formula here that will lead to success. Much of this process is a path of trial and error.

Since small businesses often don’t have the resources for large-scale activity, you have to be more thoughtful about it. You must understand the importance, especially if such work requires resources that can only be raised through other projects.

With these business content tips, you can get a much greater return on your efforts, getting results even many months after publication. So the hardest part is taking the first steps

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