What to Look for in a Courier Service

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Choosing the right courier service for your business can be a tough choice, especially these days when the competition is tight. In this article, we list the most important factors you should consider when looking for a courier service. Read on to know more! 

Speed of Delivery

Good courier service has a reasonable delivery time. Most customers expect their parcels delivered within three to five days. If your competition is tight, then your courier service should be able to deliver faster than that. 

If next- or same-day deliveries are a must in your industry or niche, consider factoring in extra costs for faster deliveries. Don’t worry about reducing your business’ sales — customers tend to be willing to pay more for faster deliveries. 

Apart from that, consider using services that track your package. This helps you find relevant information about your courier service provider while ensuring your package never gets lost or damaged. 


Seek affordable rates and save money wherever you can. This is crucial if your business involves factoring in shipping costs into your pricing model. Since next- or same-day deliveries are becoming more common, expect courier services to give you discounts to get your business. 

On the flip side, remember that cheap pricing can also lead to a decreased quality in the shipping service. You might still have to pay extra for better tracking information and peace of mind. Strike the right balance between pricing and quality. 


Your courier service should be easily accessible and available any time you need them. Long wait times and delayed customer service can be detrimental to your business. Find services that have on-demand delivery apps that help your streamline logistics. 

The service should also provide an easy-to-use booking flow. Tracking and real-time monitoring of orders and deliveries make the process more convenient not only for you but also for your end customers, which leads us to the next point…

Customer Service

When your customers experience bad deliveries, they tend to associate it with your business, not just the courier service provider. As a result, you should pick a service that has a good reputation in terms of customer service. 

Be aware of the common customer service issues that courier services face. Read reviews and know what your potential customers like and dislike, and then pick a service that can provide what the clients want and avoid what they don’t like. 


Accidents happen, and deliveries suffer when they do. Even the best courier service providers can experience delays. Sometimes, packages are damaged or lost — this is a big no-no for businesses that rely on deliveries to get their products to their customers. 

While it may be yet another extra cost, parcel insurance coverage helps you sidestep the worries described above. 

On the other hand, parcel insurance products aren’t created equal. Shipping insurance may be cheap at some service providers, but they often don’t cover a wide variety of products. Glass, ceramics, or electrical goods aren’t always covered by couriers. Check the fine print and read their terms and conditions carefully before investing in parcel insurance. 


Awards and accreditations are a big deal. These things show that the courier is a safe and secure choice; they’re an indicator of a successful history. Accreditations such as the ISO family indicate that the courier service has passed tests and met quality standards. 

Oftentimes, these accreditations ensure the service provider is reliable and efficient, and if things should go wrong, they’re accountable. Moreover, such accreditations need to be maintained, meaning you’ll know when the provider’s services are decreasing in quality — their accreditations will be revoked once that happens.

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