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Tips & Hacks like Dumpor, Smihub That Every Blogger Should Know!

Instagram has become a cult now! Every other influencer or blogger retorts towards Instagram as it increases the interaction as well as the reach through hashtags and captions.

In the world of Twitter, Facebook, etc, Instagram has managed to maintain its own individuality and uniqueness and is giving tough competition to its counterparts when it comes to business.

There are so many apps that assist Instagram blogging and take it to a whole next level. Dumpor, Hootsuite, Smihub, etc are so many apps and tools that a blogger must know when they are trying to create their own niche on Instagram.

We have jotted down a few tips for Instagram bloggers after going through a lot of available data on the internet to assist you better if you are planning to get into the blogging business.

 Let’s have a look at some of the most useful yet unknown tips:

Solid Background for Stories:

Instagram is all about pictures and the aesthetics by which the pictures are taken. You need to upload such pictures to your story that will attract your audience instantly.

For instance, click a random picture but edit it on your phone. Change the background of the picture into one solid color or a monochromatic color and then write a quick small caption to go with it.

This will increase the reach and will make your Instagram story stand out.

Fonts in 3D:

Well apparently, Instagram does not offer anything in 3D but you can always fake a little bit – fake a bit to make it look real!

Find your favorite writing font and write down a word or sentence that you want to use as a caption. Now add the 3D effect on it but with a different color for the effect that will make the caption bold and stand out.

Also, place the caption on the top of your story as that is where the immediate attention of the Instagram user goes.

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom Like a PRO

Do you think only the picture already posted on Instagram has a zoom feature, well you are mistaken? 

Try this on your own.

Start the recording button of your Instagram and then slide up your finger on the screen and the view will automatically zoom to your desired level… Magical isn’t it?

This was a discovery, try it on your own and you will be amazed.

Get more reach on your zoomed-in posts and thank us later.

Usage of Different Fonts on Instagram Stories:

The stories usually offer limited fonts but there is a little trick by which you can add more fonts to your Instagram stories.

Open up chrome or safari on your phone and open the Instagram app in the browser. Now, go to stories and select but do not upload any picture from your gallery.

If you are an iPhone user then double-tap on the Home button and two tabs will instantly appear in front of you. You can go to and choose fancy text to type any font on your story. 

All you gotta do is copy and paste the font and the caption that you wrote and post it on your story.

Pretty cool isn’t it? To stand out from the regular Instagram crowd?

Animation in Stories:

Now that you know you can add different fonts to your stories, want to try something extra – well let’s get those stories animated shall we?

Download HypeType – an app that allows you to add moving texts to your pictures.

You need to open the picture that you want to upload on Instagram on this app and you can see limitless options of moving texts and pictures according to the picture. Once you have selected your desired image, download it and later upload it on your Instagram – the animated story!

Final Thoughts:

We discovered these tips and hacks while searching for how to make Instagram blogging more aesthetically appealing to the followers as well as to know the in-depth interface of how Instagram works. 

Apps like Dumpor, Create Studio, etc also allow you to work on your blogging aesthetics. All these things together will make you become one of the leading influencers in the world of Instagram soon. The key to success is consistency and not losing hope while trying to be interactive and unique!

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