5 SMS Marketing Examples: Must-Send SMS Marketing Messages

On the surface, SMS marketing sounds pretty straightforward. How hard can it be to communicate with customers via text message?

Rest easy, SMS marketing is relatively straightforward. However, that doesn’t mean you should just wing it.

There are some SMS marketing messages and campaigns that should be a staple in every SMS marketing strategy.

Rather than just tell you about those messages and campaigns, we’ve got SMS marketing examples for the cornerstone SMS marketing campaigns to show you how it’s done. Here they are.

Opt-in Message

Compliance is a huge issue in SMS marketing. You must get permission from customers before you text them.

However, it’s best to use a double opt-in to make absolutely sure you’ve got permission. If you use an SMS API, it’s easy to automate this double opt-in message. Also, if you use a fully-featured SMS API, such as the Telnyx SMS API, your API can manage opt-outs for you, as well. That way you never run afoul of any FCC regulations.

With that in mind, this is a perfect example of a double opt-in welcome message.

It might seem a little bit sparse, but it’s best to be simple and to the point in your opt-in message. Being too clever at this stage tends to make the opt-in a bigger deal than it needs to be. 

Welcome Message

The welcome message is where you can let your creativity shine. This welcome message is fun and efficient.

It immediately identifies the brand, uses emojis to spice up the message without taking up much space, and delivers the welcome discount.

If you offer a discount for signing up to receive text messages, make sure you deliver that discount in the very first message you send after your opt-in. This welcome message is a great example to work from.

Promotions, Sales, and Discounts

Every marketer knows that discounts are a cornerstone in any marketing strategy, and this is an example of a wonderful SMS promotion.

There are three big takeaways in this example:

The message immediately identifies who the promotion is from. The copy is personalized with the customer’s name. Then there’s an emoji that draws attention to the CTA link.

In short, this message does a ton of work in a single SMS message.

Event Invitations

Event and appointment reminders are two huge use cases for SMS marketing. However, many brands miss a big opportunity when they send event reminders.

Many event reminders are only event reminders. That fails to capitalize on the fact that you’ve started a conversation with a customer. Why not ask them if they want to attend?

This event reminder nails it because it gives the customer an opportunity to RSVP immediately. The lesson here is to always give the customer an opportunity to take the next step in attending your event.

This message also highlights another SMS marketing best practice: make sure your customers always get a response if they reply to your messages. Even if the response is automated, it’s far better than ignoring a customer.

Product and Company Updates

Updates are cool. They’re a slam dunk for staying in touch with your customers during times when there might not be many other marketing opportunities on the calendar.

Just be careful not to overdo the updates. People cite receiving too many messages as one of the main reasons for unsubscribing from SMS marketing.

Avoid sending too many updates, and, as you can see from this message, remember to take the opportunity to get customers to visit your website.

## Create Your Own SMS Marketing Examples

These five SMS marketing campaigns form a solid structure for any SMS marketing strategy. Of course, there are other SMS marketing campaigns you can run.

However, you’ll get good results if you implement even just these five campaigns. These marketing campaigns are an excellent place to start if you’re just setting up your SMS marketing.

Use these examples as a jumping-off point—feel free to bookmark this article as a reference—and start sending SMS marketing messages.

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