Pros And Cons Of 5G Internet – Should You Go For It?

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We are all hearing so much about 5G technology and how it might change our lives. But before you get too hyped up about 5G, and decide to switch to it instantly, here are some pros and cons you must consider. 

Pros of 5G internet


Of course, the most obvious benefit of switching to a 5G network is its speed benefits. 5G is the latest, most advanced standard of internet tiers, making it the fastest of all as well. It has high-frequency signals that travel faster than even 4G LTE. Sure, factors like proximity to 5G towers and hardware strength will matter in 5G networks as well, even then it will deliver exceptional speeds even on enterprise levels. Since LTE networks are growing rapidly, their area coverage is vast, generating more traffic on the network towers. With 5G internet, this might not happen, making internet speeds much better. 

Capacity is Greater

Unlike the limited bandwidth we get with our regular internet packages, 5G will offer much greater capacities. So, at enterprise levels, you can expect the ability to conduct advanced video conferencing and much more without any hiccups. This advanced internet standard allows you to connect many more devices to the internet compared to 4G. Even in highly congested areas, you won’t have to fear slower speeds due to limited bandwidth on 5G internet. 

Start of a New Technological Era

5G internet will allow many more possibilities in AI and machine learning terms. You can expect today’s simple things like video conferences and virtual whiteboards to be integrated with advanced virtual reality and AI-based bots, thanks to such fast speed and advanced 5G internet. Our phones and mobile devices will be a lot more capable of loading and accommodating heavy-duty tasks that are usually only limited to enterprise-specific internet plans. So, expect all your cloud and virtual services to speed up and be much easier to carry out with the use of 5G internet. 

Room for Growth and Innovation in Business World

Many businesses are leaving their physical stores and moving online. Some are even starting as solely online businesses. Since e-commerce is expanding really quickly, it will be a huge benefit to have an internet connection as fast and reliable as 5G at our service. Online stores, retailers, manufacturers using AI-based machines, data processing, and other such industries will be relieved to have an internet connection that will not cause unplanned delays due to connectivity issues. Fast and consistent internet speed without any influence from power outages or overloads will allow room for further growth of e-commerce and the integration of online means in the business world. 

Uses Less Power than 4G

Even with greater capacities and faster speeds than 4G, 5G will consume less power than ever. 5G networks can switch to low-energy networks when not in use extremely quickly. As a result, they are highly responsive but they take up less power when the network is idle. By switching to low-energy cellular mode, your mobile devices will also have a better battery life overall. 

Less Congestion

Due to greater capacities, 5G is not affected by congestion. The advanced tech is surely the reason behind this, but another possible reason for this could be the lesser area coverage up until a few coming years. This is a significant con that we have discussed in the following section. 

Cons of 5G internet

High Introductory Prices

If you are already used to using cheap internet plans at your homes and offices, then the initial 5G pricing might displease you. In the beginning, prices might be higher because it is still in the testing phase and is less common compared to 4G and other types of internet connections. 

Limited Rural Access

Of course, you cannot expect 5G to have widespread availability just as yet. Even the most developed areas with proper infrastructure are struggling, and only testing out 5G technology. For some time, this internet standard might not be available in many areas, which can be frustrating but also very critical for some businesses. 

More Enterprise Exposure, Less Security

With 5G’s capabilities, IoT and all technological hardware are expanding. There are more traffic points on 5G networks, causing more vulnerability to enterprise security. In addition to this, current internet standards have limited bandwidth and capacities, making it possible to monitor and analyze traffic in real-time. However, with 5G, the bandwidth is vast and this could make the monitoring process too difficult, or even near impossible. With more utility, 5G will also use a lot more low-security gadgets than ever. This can be a threat to individual and personal data, if not on an enterprise level. To overcome this, manufacturers of electronics will have to put much more advanced and strict security protocols in place. 

Adoption to 5G

We are all already used to 4G LTE and our regular home internet plans that might make it difficult to adapt to 5G. New phones are coming up that are compatible with 5G, which means many of us will have to switch to newer models. Similarly, businesses and enterprises will also have to adapt to the advancements. The current towers are mainly for LTE and 4G networks. Changing them or making them compatible with 5G will take quite some time and even more money. 


While 5G’s speeds and it’s little to no congestion sound very pleasing, it might not be the best decision to switch to it instantly as it rolls out. Let it roll out in all areas evenly, and let prices go down a little before you can buy it. For faster alternatives, we have always got the option of affordable fiber optic internet plans from buytvinternetphone, as we wait patiently for 5G to become finally worth the wait.

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