Prevent the Database of the SQL Server from Corruption: The Do’s and Don’ts You Need to Know

If you’re a database administrator, what we’re about to say might sound bitter but you should accept the truth. It doesn’t matter which file you’re using, nothing is immune to corruption. Just like this, the MDF files of the SQL server are extremely sensitive and they are very much prone to corruption. 

But do you know why the MDF files as well as the SQL server database face corruption? What are the primary reasons behind their corruption? Can’t you do anything to prevent the corruption of the SQL server database from taking place? Are there any specific measurements that will help you tackle this situation? If you want to prevent the SQL server database from corruption, here are the important dos and don’ts you need to remember. 

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Do Create Consistent Backups

Make sure you never forget to create a robust and functional backup of the SQL server database files. Even if you use our SQL database recovery tool to quickly recover the corrupted database from corruption, the process will become much easier if you have a proper backup. Even if the SQL server database faces severe corruption, you won’t have any problems restoring the backups. This will allow you to maintain continuity throughout the whole process even if you face any type of issue in the middle of your organization. When you have the backup, recovering the MDF files is a piece of cake. 

Do Add Cron Jobs

Another effective and one of the most trusted ways to maintain the security of the SQL server database is by implementing Cron Jobs. With the help of this parameter, you will be able to schedule the time as well as have great options to repair the problems associated with the SQL server database automatically. All you need to do is define the time intervals and the job will be completed within the designated time automatically. 

Do Systematic Updates

Updating the SQL server is one of the most important things you need to perform from time to time. As per Tech Target, software updates are important. Make sure you update the SQL server database whenever the developers from Microsoft introduce a new version. You also need to pay close attention while creating scripts so that you can define the queries that are slowing the running speed of the SQL database. Sometimes the speed lag can also cause corruption of the SQL server database. 

Do Avoid Forces Shutdown

Many SQL users close the SQL database server forcefully even when they are in the middle of the saving process. This is one of the most common causes of SQL server corruption. Make sure you always wait until the system completes the whole process. After the saving process is complete, you’re free to close the file. Additionally, while closing the SQL server database, make sure no user is connected to the server. 

Don’t Restart the SQL Server

This is one of the most crucial things you always need to avoid while preventing SQL database corruption. Many people believe that restarting the devices will fix all the issues. However, this rule should not be implemented all the time. If the SQL server database is failing to open and you perform a complete restart, the whole data stored on the server might get corrupted. Therefore, do not restart the SQL server database during corruption. 

Don’t Update During Corruption

Just because we said you need to update the SQL server when the new version launches don’t mean you should ignore the other factors before upgrading. Sometimes, you might assume that updating the SQL server will help you fix the corrupted database. But this is something that does not happen. Updating the SQL server during the corruption of the database will only boost your problem. Not to mention, this will cause severe corruption of the SQL server database. The old file of the SQL server database will also become inaccessible as per the latest installed version. 

Don’t Use the Repair Option Continuously

The DBCC CHECKDB option is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to address the corrupted SQL server database issue. This option might also help you repair the corrupted database of the SQL server. But keep in mind that implementing this parameter might end up with some essential data loss. If you know this option properly, then you will be able to implement this on the damaged SQL server database. Otherwise, it’s best if you refrain from using this option. 

Don’t Close the Server Improperly

If you think that the database of the SQL server is corrupted, you should always avoid shutting it down forcefully. This will cause harm to the SQL server database that you can never imagine. Apart from leading to massive data loss, you might not be able to recover the data by any means. Even if you panic, you should not close the SQL server forcefully. 


These are the dos and don’ts of preventing SQL server database corruption you should know. If you have any other queries, comment down below to let us know.

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