What to Know About the Norwegian Forest Cat?

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The Norwegian forest cat is one of a kind. Its features and characteristics usually identify it. It is a domestic feline breed that originates from northern Europe. Due to its nature, it can adapt very well to cold climates.

The Norwegian forest cat is also referred to as a Wegie. This breed is popular in places like Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, and France. This cat breed, as earlier noted, has unique traits. It is known for its strength, size, long legs, bushy tail, and sturdy nature. In addition, its long legs and claws allow it to be a great climber. Regardless of its wild nature, it is a domestic pet that can be very affectionate. 

Certain remarkable features are tied to this cat breed. These features can enable you better understand them. It also helps you recognize it at a glance. Some of these features will be discussed below.


The Norwegian forest cat is known for its strength and size. This breed is strongly built and more significant than an average feline. In addition, the adults are relatively more prominent than the females. 

A fully-grown male weighs about 4.5 to 9kg. At the same time, the female weighs about 3.6 to 8kg. This pet matures slowly and continues growing until it is five years of age. On attaining five years, it becomes fully developed.


This breed can be very affectionate, gentle, and friendly. Regardless of its caring nature, it does not demand constant attention and petting. Your Wegie can stay alone and entertain itself. It is not much of a clingy pet.

Another attractive trait is that it is a good climber because of its long legs and claws. It is not scared of descending and climbing trees. You can find more here about the feline’s personality. 


The Norwegian forest cat is generally healthy and has a long life span. Their life span ranges from 14 to 16 years. However, certain diseases have been noticed in this breed.

One of such diseases to be wary of in this breed is kidney disease. The most common kidney disease found in this breed is polycystic kidney disease. It is a genetic condition that is known to destroy the kidney. It occurs systematically. 

This condition can be detected in the glycogen storage disease IV. It is a rare heritable condition that affects the metabolism of glucose. As a result of its heritable nature, it involves a kitten even at birth. However, a DNA test can be utilized to identify affected animals.


The Norwegian forest cat is a friendly and accommodating pet. It is a good choice for families with children. It loves to play around with little kids and toys.

This is because of its nature. It relishes moments where it can run, jump, and chew on things. Therefore, it does not mind playing with strangers, as long as it is conducive and comfortable.

Another essential thing to note about this feline breed is that it can accommodate other pets. As long as the pet is friendly, it can get along with it. All you need to do is help it get along with such a pet by doing a gradual introduction.

Tips on Taking Care of a Norwegian Forest Cat

A Norwegian forest cat is a good choice for families with children. It often is affectionate and friendly. If you are considering getting one and wondering how to take care of it, you do not need to worry. Here are a few pointers for you.


Feed your Wegie with high-quality cat food. Be careful to choose food that will meet its nutritional needs. So, you have to consider products that are rich in protein. Also, choosing foods that contain taurine is a good idea as it helps in your pet’s vision and heart health. Finally, it would help if you also fed your Wegie at least twice every day.


The Norwegian forest cat is known to have plenty of hair. Still, they are low maintenance. Therefore, grooming is not so much a necessity for this feline. However, during the harsh winter periods, it tends to look rugged and worn. Therefore, after the winter is over, make sure to tend to its grooming needs. At this time, it is necessary to brush its fur at least once a week.

It is also essential that you trim the long claws of your Wegie as it may be too long and sharp. This can be done once in three weeks. However, if your Wegie uses its claws a lot for scratching purposes, you may not need to trim it. You can check this link for more on feline grooming tips. 

Make it comfortable

The Norwegian cat, just like every other pet, requires comfort. So provide it a bed that is comfortable enough for it to sleep and relax. Of course, there are times where it can be reserved. So let it be at this time. As long as it has a great space to lie on, it’s all good.


Always try to take your Wegie to see a veterinarian. You must do so as soon as you get one. This will enable it to get the necessary vaccinations. It will also get tested for diseases. Do this regularly.

Final Note

The Norwegian forest cat is a unique breed from Norway. It is also popular in certain European regions. Known for its peculiar traits and appearance. It is a good pet choice for families. Following the tips above, you will have a good time with this pet.

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