Is There a Need for 8 Hours Sleep?

Many people think that they do not need to get a good night’s rest if they are working the rest of the day or getting a good eight hours of sleep. However, research has shown that there is a direct correlation between the quality of sleep and the performance of an individual daily. For those of us that know someone that works nights after night, you already know how much this can affect them mentally and physically. Studies have shown that individuals that are properly rested can concentrate better during the day on a variety of tasks and are less likely to feel fatigued.

Another advantage of getting a good night’s sleep is that we are more alert in the morning when we start our day. There are also many benefits of waking up early. Those of us that do not get the recommended amount of sleep may find that we are more likely to experience headaches, anxiety, and tension throughout the entire day. If we are getting a good night’s sleep, we will not be as susceptible to feeling these symptoms throughout the day as we would if we are lacking the needed amount of sleep. A lack of sleep also puts us at a greater risk for injuries when we are awake because we may be in a daze or have a lack of concentration.

If we are going to be successful in the workplace, whether it is for our career or other reasons, we need to make sure that we are getting a sufficient amount of rest each night. The results speak for themselves as most individuals that are more rested are more productive than individuals who are not as well-rested. This means that we do not need to settle for a lesser amount of sleep, but rather that we should strive to get as much sleep as possible each night. If we can achieve this goal, we should see an increase in the productivity of our day and be more productive throughout the day.

Reasons That We Must Have an 8 Hours Sleep

There are several reasons that we need to get the recommended 8 hours of sleep each night. One of those reasons is that we cannot live without food, which means that without it we would die in a day or two. Another reason is that without sleep we cannot think rationally. Getting the right amount of sleep will help us live longer and be better at doing the things we love.

Reasons that we need to get sleep are plentiful and they can all be applied to someone who does not sleep enough. People often wake up tired when they don’t get proper sleep

  • The first reason we will talk about is the one regarding not being able to think properly while awake. If you do not have enough hours of sleep you will have a difficult time recalling recent events or even things that just happened. This can cause you to make many mistakes that you normally wouldn’t make if you could remember correctly. You can prevent this from happening by getting enough sleep each night. This is something that will take a little effort on your part but is worth it in the end.
  • Another reason is that you will feel less like working out because you will not have the urge to go work out. You should know that when you wake up you will have that energy that is pent up inside of you ready to use. Without it, you will feel lethargic and will want to stay in bed all day instead of going out and having a good workout.
  • A third reason that is good to keep in mind is that when you have a lot of trouble sleeping you tend to be moody most of the day. This is because you are not getting the sleep that you need. You must be positive most of the day. Being sad will just bring your mood down and make you more likely to have a negative attitude. Try to be as happy as possible, even if that includes laughing a lot.
  • Having too much stress in your life is another reason that you may not get enough sleep at night. Too much stress can make it hard for you to relax and sleep. It is important to get as much rest as you can and it is best to make sure that you are taking your time with everything that you do. If you are constantly stressed out you will find it hard to relax or even sleep. Stress is also a major reason that we overeat at night. We always have a few extra minutes on the brain so that we can think of a reason to binge eat. Binge eating is the worst thing that you could do because it will lead to weight gain. That extra calorie that you were eating because you were stressed out and hungry will be turned into fat.

Your sleep is another reason that you don’t get the rest that you need. We spend about 80% of our day asleep. If you are not getting the sleep that your body needs it will have no choice but to weaken itself to survive. You must be taking care of your body so that it can function properly and live a long healthy life.


These are just a couple of reasons that you don’t get the rest that you need. If you are feeling as though you are not getting the sleep that you should be getting then it may be a good idea for you to talk to your doctor about it. They can help you with ways to solve this problem so that you can get the sleep that you deserve. If you want to feel as good as you can when you wake up every morning then make sure that your body is functioning properly so that you will be able to do things the right way.

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