Beginner to Expert: Marketing Tips to Popular your Brand

You want more sales especially for your startup. It is not possible if people don’t know that your brand exists. Every product solves some problem. Do people remember your brand name when looking to solve their problems? 

Try to register your brand name in people’s hearts. Brand Awareness is all about getting your customers to remember your brand in different circumstances.

You should know about the different levels of brand awareness. It helps you to increase the popularity of your brand. 

There are Five Levels of Brand Awareness.

Brand Association:

Customers have mental associations with your brand. They heard about your company from their friends. 

They will reject your brand if they have negative associations. Product defects make them have a negative opinion about your brand. 

Company’s Reputation:

People make decisions about your company. They try to evaluate your company. They might choose you if you meet their needs. So, make your services memorable. Try to differentiate yourself from your rivals. It helps people remember your brand.

Company’s Recognition:

Your customers know the company name. They know what your company is all about. People choose products from familiar brands. They won’t risk trying new brands. Customers prefer to engage with what they already know. It leads to more conversions.

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Customers have to choose between two companies. They will more likely prioritize you. They already know what differentiates you. They know that your company does its best to provide high-quality service.


Customers will stick with you. Sometimes your products will be defective. But your customers won’t leave you. They will forego occasional mistakes because they trust in you to correct your mistakes. 

At this stage, the companies put much effort into learning about the customers. They will adapt to the latest trends. 

At this level, you have created a community. It is no longer a business anymore. It is a relationship where people share many things.

Things to Do for Greater Reach

Give Life to Your Brand:

You deliver so many products. They vary in their form, function, and purpose. Assume your products don’t bear your company name and logo. Could your customers identify you from your products? Your products should teach your customers something about your company.

Start treating your brand as a real person. Define your brand identity, culture, and values. You have to communicate this through your products. Whatever you do, your customers must recognize your brand.

Adding life to your brand helps you target the right people. People have different values and priorities. They will pick a brand that aligns with their values. What noun best describes your brand? Is it honesty? Or reliability? Is your brand family-oriented? Does your brand provide a feminine experience?

Partner with Brands

Partnering with a well-known brand can help you become more visible. You need to set your mind on forging long-term partnerships. 

Some of the benefits brands can enjoy from partnership marketing are:

  1. Cut in promotional costs.
  2. More visibility
  3. Greater outreach
  4. Low input, but high output
  5. Mutual benefit from shared activity

You can partner with websites in your niche. Try to place contextual ads. People will find your ads when they read industry topics. You can also choose Google ads to increase your brand awareness. Partner with a digital marketing company in India offering PPC services for brand awareness.

Find influential people who might share your values. These people already have a large following. You can partner with them for promotion. It allows you to tap into their fan base. It boosts your brand visibility. 

Sometimes you should think out of the box. Try to partner with brands in other sectors. It can help cut costs. Both brands can enjoy the expertise of each other. This way, you can tap into the collective audience base.

You can also partner with NGOs and charity organizations. It helps to highlight your care for humanity. People will see your contribution to society. More people will come to know about your humanity.

Respond to Your Audience

Your customers talk about you in various places. Forums, subreddits, and groups are some places. Go there. Find out what they feel about your brand. 

Do they have questions about your products? Solve them as quickly as possible. Are they giving suggestions? Pay attention. Make them feel heard. 

Are they expressing dissatisfaction? Take note. Promise them to provide better service next time. 

Participate in groups in your niche. Study about the trends, the problems, the new arrivals, and threats. Facebook Groups and Reddit threads are good places to discuss industry topics. Narrow down your searches. 

Try to find groups focusing on specific areas. Speaking to the people there will increase your brand awareness. People will want to know more about your brand. 

Social Proof

There are times people are unsure how to respond. They will look to the people around them to find the correct response. They copy their neighbors and assume that the majority is always on the right. This phenomenon is called social proof.

People trust recommendations from friends and family. Try to get people to spread the word about your company. This way, you can boost your brand awareness. Use customer testimonials and reviews to spread the word about your brand. 
Target influencers and celebrities. This way, you can spread the word about your company like wildfire. You can also make ads featuring them. Speak to a digital marketing company in India offering PPC services to learn how to do it.

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