Technological Impact on Online Poker in Canada

When discussing the status of poker in North America, one can’t help but appreciate the extent to which it has grown in the US. The acceptance and penetration of poker in the States have been widely reported, perhaps why it’s common knowledge. Yet, poker has also seen enormous growth far north of North America.

As in many other countries, gambling in Canada has become an everyday social activity. It is even more prevalent following the introduction of new aspects such as online poker and sports betting. Online poker, especially, has helped improve Canada’s viewing of gambling.

Today, online poker flourishes from the opportunity created by the internet. Canadians from different parts of the country can compete conveniently and win real money. Unsurprisingly, technology has played a critical role in improving poker sites in Canada according to a source from Top10PokerSites. As such, we highlight some technologies that have transformed online poker in Canada.

Mobile Technology

Mobile technology has proven to be a noteworthy bedrock in human development. Thus, mobile devices have become very common globally. The ubiquitous nature of mobile technology has also given rise to mobile gaming.

Today, all poker sites have embraced mobile technology in one way or another. They design compatible websites and mobile applications to keep up with gaming demand. Canadians can play different variations of online poker, all of which are optimized for various mobile devices. Some of the popular poker sites in Canada include 888Poker, BetOnline Poker, and PokerStars.

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, AR, and VR

The introduction of big data surpasses marketing strategy. There are so many other features to data analytics as regards online poker. Firstly, data collection and analysis help customize games and improve player safety.

It’s also not uncommon for online poker operators to combine different technologies. They merge big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence for different purposes. One such feature is the immersive experience operators create for players. It also creates an avenue for solving gambling issues such as “problem gambling.”

Speaking of immersive experiences, AR and VR have also been significant game changers. The impact of these technologies is also evident in online poker. Metaverse remains a substantial thrust for these technologies in online poker, as in many other fields.

Live Streaming

The live dealer feature is one of the most exciting aspects of modern online poker in Canada. With this feature, players compete against real players with live dealers over the internet. This feature is a possibility through live streaming technology.

Previously, a significant downside to online poker was its inability to replicate the casino feel online. This has now become a non-factor following the introduction of the live dealer option. By implementing live streaming, operators can create quality experiences for players.

All top poker sites in Canada today offer the live dealer option. Poker sites achieve this by utilizing top-quality real-time transmission technology. With this, HD-quality videos can be streamed easily to a player’s mobile device. State-of-art cameras and mics are some equipment used to bring this option to life.

Tracking Software

There are a lot of things poker site operators could use tracking software for. One of this technology’s earliest implementations was for keeping gameplay records. Operators were then able to follow players’ gaming activities.

You might be asking why sites need to track a player’s activities. Well, there are several different benefits to poker tracking software. First, it is the most effective method for developing a cautionary structure. This structure helps players evaluate errors and learn from them. Another use of this technology is for opponent analysis. Different poker sites across Canada offer this feature to players. The software can predict an opponent’s next move based on previous actions. Players can then prepare a counter for these moves.

To an outsider, the opponent analysis may seem like cheating. Yet, no seasoned poker player views it that way. Interestingly, it is a critical feature that distinguishes players on skill level. Some of the best Canadian online poker players utilize these features. Another common one is the poker HUD. Players use these features to gain information relevant to overpowering their opponents.


This is, perhaps, the most prominent technology man has to offer currently. Blockchain has completely revolutionized the world. This is also evident in online poker, where the tech has seamlessly integrated itself as the predominant payment method.

We can’t talk about blockchain technology without mentioning cryptocurrency. Since crypto was introduced as an alternative to fiat currency, a lot has changed. Today, the best online poker rooms allow players to deposit crypto at no extra cost. There are several cryptocurrency options available to players. Some of the more popular options are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and LiteCoin.

Blockchain has offered so much to the iGaming industry, online poker included. One of the primary features of this technology is its elimination of fraud. Players are now sure operators do not alter the result or payout of poker sites. These sites are also protected from the activities of fraudulent players.

Anonymity is another essential feature of blockchain-powered poker sites. All legal bitcoin poker rooms in Canada offer total anonymity to players. Personal information such as name, address, and card details is no longer needed to complete any transaction.

High transaction fees have always been a significant challenge facing online poker sites. Options such as Interac, Visa, and MasterCard, among others, charge extra fees for each transaction. Blockchain eliminates this issue by allowing players to make transactions at little or no additional cost. Some other benefits of blockchain technology in online poker include;

  • Lower risk of inflation
  • More time efficient
  • Improved data privacy and security

Unsurprisingly, blockchain has wholly changed online payment globally. And from the looks of things, this is bound to continue for the foreseeable future.


The future of online poker in Canada is bright. Especially for sites that implement these technologies to improve on existing features. Canadians can engage in their favorite game without fear of breaches and fraud.

Additionally, tech-enhanced poker sites offer players an exciting and awe-inspiring experience. Considering the steady development of technology, online poker is primed to maintain its rapid growth.

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