How to Keep Your Remote Employees Happy

The remote working model has become a mainstay in modern organizations and institutions. Organizations worldwide are transitioning towards this model, and there are many possible reasons for this. Although it can be advantageous at some point, it presents a challenge for managers because they still have to keep employees engaged due to the absence of face-to-face interaction.

With remote work, employees can still do their jobs from anywhere in the world. All they need is a stable internet connection and an IoT-enabled device. Thankfully, there are several IT solutions to facilitate remote work. The Internet of Things (IoT) has opened many doors for developers to create software enabling remote work.

However, it’s not always easy for remote employees to stay motivated. There’s a considerable probability they’ll become distracted at home. As a result, managers must find fresh ways to keep their staff happy. It isn’t always simple. However, there are several creative ideas that managers might implement. Continue reading to learn more.

Show You Care

Your employees are very integral to your organization’s success. Therefore, you need to show them that you care about their well-being. Humans are not robots. So, while you may expect them to work hard, remember that their well-being is also vital. Showing you care is also an excellent way to establish trust with employees.

Remember that displaying empathy and vulnerability (at the right time and place) is an underrated but valuable leadership attribute. People are more receptive to leaders who can relate to them. For instance, if team members are not feeling well or are not in a healthy mental state, they should be able to consult their supervisors. Giving an ear to your staff or referring them to a place where they can get help will go a long way.

Value Your Staff

Team leaders or human resource (HR) managers need to make a concerted effort to show that they appreciate their employees. When employees feel valued, they’ll be happier. While financial incentives may satisfy employees, remember that money isn’t the only motivator. Consider recognizing both individual and group achievements too.

Create a culture at your business that allows staff to celebrate a significant win. Or, if a co-worker has accomplished something noteworthy, celebrate them. For example, if a long-serving employee leaves the firm, host a small virtual party to express gratitude. Consider also giving them a gift card. There are so many ideas for going away party for coworker.

Nevertheless, treating your staff well will reflect positively on your company. It can also help lower turnover rates. Furthermore, everywhere your employees go, they will have something positive to say about you.

Invest in Employee Development

To keep employees happy, you must provide them with the tools they need to succeed. When people perform at a high level, they’ll usually be happier and more motivated. Providing the necessary IT tools and training is one aspect of it. But it’s also best to provide them with additional support to help them perform at a high level.

So, consider whether the employees have a place to work at home and if they have access to any development opportunities within the business. Perhaps, you could arrange co-working spaces if your employees don’t have a suitable workspace at home. You could also urge staff to enroll in training courses or attend conferences for professional development.

Foster Social Interaction

One of the main drawbacks of remote work is the resulting loneliness. Remember that humans are social beings. People thrive on interaction. Consequently, team leaders must encourage people to socialize virtually. You could institute social hours or virtual team-building activities to help your employees bond. Another great idea would be to run a mentorship program that pairs new hires with a mentor for at least six months. It may make it easier for recruits to settle in.

Keep Communication Lines Open

Companies may hire people from all around the world thanks to the remote working model. It implies that people from various time zones can collaborate or work on the same team. Because some members of such teams will be working while others are not, communication issues may arise. As a result, businesses must devise a strategy to avoid workflow disruption. It entails opening up communication channels within the company.

When scheduling meetings, keep in mind colleagues’ availability in different time zones. Managers should also disclose their schedules, so that team members know when they are typically available. Opening communication channels will make employees feel more included and allow them to plan their work hours more effectively.


Keeping remote workers happy isn’t an easy job. Every HR manager in charge of a remote staff will most likely confront unique challenges and will approach them differently. Nonetheless, you must be proactive in showing staff your appreciation. Also, celebrate individual and team achievements as much as possible.

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