5 Ways to Get More Repeat Customers to Your ECommerce Site

ECommerce websites and online stores have established themselves as the perfect alternatives to traditional stores. ECommerce websites and stores have made it possible for customers to shop easily from the comfort of their homes without any hassles. 

ECommerce businesses also have to offer a safe shopping experience to customers by implementing essential website security measures. This has, in turn, encouraged customers to shop online. The number of online shoppers in the world is estimated to be around 2.14 billion currently. 

However, the competition in e-commerce has become tight over the years, which is why several businesses are looking for new ways to increase eCommerce sales. In addition to that, several eCommerce businesses are finding it hard to repeat customers to their eCommerce websites. 

How to Get Repeat Customers to ECommerce Websites?

If you are running an eCommerce website, then you would have probably asked yourself the question: how to increase the number of repeat customers to my eCommerce website. Getting repeat purchases and customers is important because it is essential for the upliftment of eCommerce businesses. 

If you want your customers to make repeat purchases, you must make them feel happy and satisfied with your products, services, and brand. They should feel comfortable shopping from your eCommerce website. Plus, design is a key factor in getting repeat customers. And you can get designs from graphic design services or start a 99designs contest, for example.

If you see a very low percentage in customer retention, you will need to improve the same. Here are a few simple but effective tips that will help eCommerce businesses to get more repeat customers.

Install an SSL Certificate on Your Website

Secure Socket Layer or SSL certificates must be installed on all eCommerce websites. ECommerce websites that have installed these certificates will be a lot more secure when compared to other eCommerce websites. In other words, SSL certificates will keep your eCommerce business away from malicious activities and cyberattacks by encrypting the in-transit communication between the web browser and the client-server. It is also important to note that installing SSL certificates will help you improve the SEO ranking on your website. 

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SSL certs come at varying validation levels, DV, OV, and EV. EV SSL certs are issued only after stringent vetting procedures and to businesses that have been in existence for over three years. 

In addition to that, installing an EV SSL certificate will provide the highest level of validation for your website. As a result, customers will trust your business even more. The green address bar on your website that comes with a green padlock ensures that your business is authenticated, validated, and genuine. 

You can easily find reputed and reliable EV SSL certificate providers that offer cheap and affordable certificates for eCommerce websites. 

Build an Email List

Indeed, retaining customers is not an easy task, but there are several ways to achieve the same. For instance, creating an email list will help you easily find and target the right customers without hassles. Several eCommerce businesses have started targeting customers for repeat purchases through their email lists. 

Creating an email list for your eCommerce business might seem like a basic measure. However, several businesses were able to enjoy huge success through this simple strategy. So, if you are not using this strategy, you are missing out on the opportunity to increase the customer retention rate of your business. 

That said, several businesses make the grave mistake of regularly dropping emails to customers, which can irritate them. Therefore, it is important to develop a plan on when to drop emails and what should be included in the email content. 

Focus on Personalization

Do you know that most customers and online shoppers love to see personalized notes? In fact, personalized notes can urge existing and potential customers to spend more time on your website or store. You will be able to collect more customer data based on their recent transactions and purchases. 

You can use this information to suggest similar products in the same categories to customers, which might encourage them to buy products from your business again. You will need to understand your customers’ needs and try to cater to their demands and needs if you want your eCommerce business to succeed in the competitive market. 

Respond to Positive and Negative Comments

Another common mistake that several eCommerce businesses make is that they respond only to positive comments and feedback. You need to understand that happy customers are more likely to become loyal customers who will stick around and make regular purchases from your business. 

Therefore, it is important to respond to customer feedback and comments irrespective of whether they are positive or negative. This is something that will help you to build a long-lasting relationship with customers. 

Businesses should also consider deploying staff members whose primary purpose is to respond to customers on social media and other platforms. If you can do that, you might get a better ROI (Return on Investment).

Simplify the Customer Experience

Customers who have purchased products from your eCommerce website or online store are more likely to shop again if the shopping experience is great. If they could easily navigate through your website, quickly find what they want, and place orders easily, they will surely return. 

If you want customers to return to your website or store again and again, then here are a few things you should remember while designing your website. 

  • Make it easy for website visitors to find information
  • Ensure that your website can be easily found
  • Showcase your products
  • Encourage customers to leave a review while shopping
  • Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly
  • Help customers with their questions and concerns

ECommerce businesses should ensure that customers will be able to find all important information without any hassles. For instance, they should be able to easily find details about order status, pricing, products, and more. If that’s not the case, then customers might not return to your website. 

Wrapping Up

Customers buy products and services from a business not just because they like their offerings. They buy products and return to make purchases only when they feel a positive connection with the company. This is why it is crucial to earn customers’ trust and make them feel satisfied and happy before and after the purchase. 

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