Best 8 Chrome Extensions You Need to Stay Productive

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We have all seen how distractions can send you down an endless rabbit hole. One minute you are doing your work, and the next thing you know, 6 hours down the road, you are on your favourite celebrity’s Facebook page. Fortunately, there is an increasing number of Chrome browser extensions to make your days more productive.

Chrome is a phenomenal web browser. It is fast, well-designed, and jam-packed with useful features to better suit your needs. Its core strength lies in its vast repository of add-ons, which add an infinite number of new functions. Let’s walk you through some of the best chrome extensions to maximize your productivity:

1. Clockify

Clockify timer for Chrome functions as part of the time tracking system that assists you with time management. It keeps a record of your working hours, detects idle time, and has a Pomodoro timer designed to eliminate distractions. Other merits of Clockify are its automatic start/stop button and reminders to reduce the inaccuracy of time logs.

Unlike the others, sign-up is required to use the services provided. Clockify’s Chrome extension cannot function on its own. Before using the extension, you need to create projects and tasks on the main dashboard. Once you have added all your tasks and projects, simply click the button, and you are good to go.

2. Grammarly

If you get tripped up by the words “your” and “you’re”, this is the perfect tool for you. Grammarly bills itself as a software tool designed to detect grammatical and spelling errors. It is free, painless and can be used on many websites, including LinkedIn, WordPress, Gmail, and you guessed it right – Google Docs. In addition, it is compatible to be used for all gadgets, including your mobile phones, tablets and computer. If you need more features, Grammarly Premium detects plagiarism and tone, and then makes suggestions based on the writing style you are aiming for.

3. Workona

Workona is designed to help you manage tabs, organise projects, and bring all your work together in the cloud. It will close all open tabs in your current window by grouping them into workspaces, allowing you to move seamlessly between documents with the click of a button. 

Workona also serves as a bookmark manager. You can pin any webpage or document to a workspace. So, worry no more about losing your documents! Workona’s best feature is its ability to auto-save your tabs, ensuring that they are safely stored in the cloud with no additional effort on your part.

4. Email Finder

Tired of having to sift through a trail of emails?  Well, Email Finder is here to provide you with no-frills email searching. This Google extension will provide you with a list of verified emails associated with the domain you are visiting. It is a useful tool for sales agents and entrepreneurs who need to find specific contacts promptly.

5. Forest

If you’re concerned about your work performance, look no further, this extension is just for you. Avoiding distractions becomes more effective when the application transforms your work into a game. Forest is unlike any other productivity Chrome extension out there. Rather than putting a roadblock on unproductive sites, it motivates you to avoid them.

When you plant a seed in Forest, a digital tree grows for the next 30 minutes. Your tree will grow into a forest if you refuse the temptation to visit websites on your banned list. However, if you fail to resist the temptation, your tree will wither. The more you avoid, the thicker your digital forest will become.

6. Noilsi

Is silence a problem for you? If so, consider downloading Noilsi. Noilsi generates background noise that is elemental in nature. You can either listen to existing playlists on the platform or create your own by choosing from a list of archive sounds. The extensive collection of soothing sounds goes beyond anything you can think of! 

You can also create your own mix by layering sounds for various activities and selecting sounds based on a specific theme, such as ‘Relaxation’. Once you have found the perfect combination, save it as your favourite. Also, by hitting the ‘Share’ button, you can easily share your mix with your friends or family.

7. Win the Day

Win the Day Chrome extension has grown in popularity because it fulfils a strong promise: transform your Chrome into a goal-setting tool. Like most google extensions, Win the Day is quite simple to set up. Simply enter your goal with a deadline, then add the broken-down goals to achieve the main target.

You can even use this chrome extension to cultivate and create a new habit by entering up to three things. But do you know what the best part is? Win the Day supports Google Account functionality, allowing it to synchronise across devices no matter the place and time. 

8. Freedom

Most distractions only happen on the device you are currently using. Freedom simultaneously blocks distractions from all your devices. No more blocking Twitter on your laptop, only to find it open on your phone seconds later. When you start a session, all distractions are promptly blocked.

You are free to create as many blocklists as you like. A lockdown option is also available, restricting you from editing your blocklists while a session is active. Freedom offers three free browser extensions in addition to the primary application. One of them gives you information about your distractive browsing habits, while the other alerts you when you’re about to visit a distracting website. Freedom can be easily accessible on your laptop and smartphone. 

So, what are you waiting for? You can get one (or two, or three) of these productive Chrome extensions with just a few clicks. It is finally time to wade off unwanted distractions and tick off your to-do lists. Productivity awaits!

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