Enhance Security Measures In The Travel Industry With AI Facial Recognition

Due to the rapid growth of digitization, every industry has utilised the facility of cloud-based technology. Companies have replaced traditional methods with digital ones. Where technological advancement has revolutionised businesses with digital facilities, the ratio of cybercrimes has also increased to a large extent. Now, travel companies use online sources to compete in this digital era where passengers have access to confirm their tickets online with successful registration. Travellers use online payment methods, which are at risk due to cyber crimes. As per the report, from 2001-2022, the financial damage from cybercrimes has reached 6.9 to 10.3 billion U.S. dollars. There is a need for reliable solutions to overcome financial terrorism. Criminals use sophisticated techniques to breach transactions. There is a need for biometric verification methods to beat this time of cybercrimes. AI facial recognition is being employed by agencies to unveil criminals and to provide a secure environment to their customers. With Avatar Maker full body technology,, it becomes easier to solve crimes.

This blog will explore how travel companies can secure their operations using AI facial recognition technology. 

How Does Face Recognition Solution Protect Travel Agencies From Cybercrimes?

Many travel bureaus have moved toward online systems regarding registration and booking. It enables their customers to choose packages and tickets at long distances and make online payments. However, it facilitates travellers but also leads to transactional hacking and fraud. Criminals use fake calls and packages in the name of any famous travel company which makes agencies vulnerable. Sometimes, companies fall victim to criminals as travellers which leads to future complexities.  Companies who use face recognition technology gain customer satisfaction as they are aware of the security regulations. Additionally, it protects firms from terrorist attacks made by criminals. AI facial recognition allows only legitimate clients to be travellers. It enhances the travelling experience for other passengers as well. 

Why Do Companies Use AI Facial Recognition For Identity Verification?

Facial recognition allows companies to have the facility of biometric verification which is reliable for securing companies from spoofing attacks. The travel industry uses AI facial recognition due to the following strength areas;

1. Automation

Advanced artificial intelligence algorithms reduce human efforts and provide automatic solutions. The pre-trained models are responsible for all the processing regarding identity verification. 

2. Accuracy In Results

The cutting-edge technology used in AI facial recognition scanners can identify variations during cross-match and provide reliable results. Humans are prone due to any fatigue or workload to error but automated algorithms provide highly efficient and accurate results. 

3. Fast Processing

Due to AI and ML robust mechanisms, an individual identity is revealed with quick scanning mechanisms. Digital facial recognition technology involves biometric scanners which can scan a large number of individuals in a very short time. 

4. Regulatory Compliance Regarding KYC And AML

Companies using biometric face recognition services adhere to KYC and AML regulations and it provides them a barrier to overcome unforeseen future risks such  as identity theft or data breach

5. Allows The Usage Of Biometric Technology

AI facial recognition allows firms to utilise the service of biometric technology and make themselves able to have enhanced digitalization. 

6. To Access Criminal Record

AI facial recognition allows access to criminal records stored in digital databases. While cross matches, automated algorithms find out every kind of crime history. Moreover, it provides an advanced security layer to protect the organisation against fraud. 

7. Cloud-Based Storage

Digital face recognition enables companies to have cloud-based storage that facilitates computerised records which are easy to access at any time on a single click.  

8. Hassle-free Booking and Registration Processes

The use of facial recognition scanners provides frictionless onboarding where passengers do not need to stand in queue but can simply get themselves verified by facing the camera or by uploading a selfie.  

9. Frictionless Automated Solutions

Airlines use automated solutions to verify passwords, which enables them to have frictionless verification solutions. Moreover, it enables travel agencies to reduce the employee’s workload and reduce the revenue for the large number of employees. 

10. Secure Transactional Methods

The use of facial recognition technology allows only authentic users to be onboard which protects travelling agencies from any kind of data breach and transactional loss at the hands of criminals.

Final Words

The use of AI facial recognition technology enables firms to have the facility of biometric security and electronic storage of face prints. The travel industry utilises biometric facial verification to reduce the efforts during the verification process. It enhances the traveller’s experience and makes the industry credible which leads to business development. Due to the enhanced features of facial scanners, facial verification is the most reliable biometric identity verification solution. It protects information from every kind of data breach and financial loss. 

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