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Does Writing Sound Intriguing to You? Be The One and Take The Initiative to Contribute Your Part in Writing For Our Readers.

We, as a firm, are always looking forward to hearing from the content creators who love to write technical content in a manner that makes the content look authentic, intriguing, and pretty impactful. We welcome such writers with open arms who can bring a fresh perspective for our readers and whose aim is to help those readers to master the art of emailing on their own.

Just like the name “Datarecovo” suggests, our website’s team that consists of efficient team members put in the work, day in day out to find the most practical approaches to deal with common email issues, errors, and any other technical difficulty of sorts related to the category of email services that are given below. 

The same type of dedication is expected from you if you choose to write for us. We expect to receive well-written articles for the following list of categories should you choose to expect for us.

General Yahoo
Gaming YouTube
Gmail Social 
Facebook Windows
AOL Email Office
Google  Outlook Email
Software Reviews
Troubleshooting Microsoft
Internet Business

Why Should You Write for Us?

With time, the commitment of our employees and more importantly the continuous love and support of our readers is what motivates the Datarecovo platform to keep delivering quality content to serve all of the users in an improved manner. It gives us great pleasure as a firm to say that we have more than 20,000 unique and sorts of dedicated readers from different parts of the globe that access this website every month. 

This means that the piece of the blog that you will share with Datarecovo will reach out to all those readers and they, in turn, will benefit from your contribution to the firm.

The best part about writing for us is, not only do you get to write for non-technical readers, but also tech experts, tech-enthusiasts, and tech specialists as well. This will further give you the chance to expand your creativity level, starting from basic to advanced and beyond if you write for us.

In simpler terms, irrespective of whether you are a fresher on the lookout for a platform where you can post your work or an experienced writer who is on the hunt to expand his or her portfolio and to offer advice, there is a space for you.

How Do We Want You to Write?

As a helping hand to our firm, you will always be welcome to help serve our beloved readers anytime through your articles and blogs on topics that can range from “account creation and configuration step, email features, and perks, hacking and spamming issues” to “account recovery and password reset process”.

Anywhere between 1000-1250 words are the minimum word requirement on our website although it may also vary with the complexity of the subject which is why the word limit will never be an issue.

Also, keep note of the fact that there are no limitations on how an article should be written, all the rights reserved in your hands so you can write the article in your intensity, tone, and flavor. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that we prefer to post the content on our website that has been rigorously structured and edited.

But before all of this, we advise you to go through our criteria for submission thoroughly as it is the same for everyone who would like to share their content with our readers.

Our Submission Criteria

  • Originality- we prefer to support and post original content on our website which is why you are bound to submit content that is 100% original. You also need to ensure that the article is unique before you submit it to us, as the articles that have already been posted elsewhere will not be accepted by us.
  • Citations- you need to make sure to use the hyperlink of official and credible sources for any data or statistics that you might have included in your content.
  • Length- there is no maximum limit as to the length of the article that will be posted on our site, but it must be in no less than 1000 words.
  • No promotions- we as a firm do not allow any sort of brand articles that are posted on our website which is why you should avoid writing content that entirely focuses on driving SEO promotion of your business.
  • Meta description- make sure that the content you submit to us has a description that summarizes the core idea of your respective article and it should be in no more than 250 characters.
  • Images- if there is a need for an image to be featured in your article, make sure that it is an original image that should be in the dimensions of 895 and 537.
  • Bio- although we do not promote brand promotions, you can still add links to your website in your bio but make sure to keep it short, that is a maximum of three sentences.

How to Begin?

To start things on a good note, you should get a rough idea in advance about how we expect you to write by simply going through the articles that have already been published on our website. This will also save you the trouble of submitting articles on topics that have already been covered by our writers.

What Are the Publication Procedures?

  • Our team of dedicated writers will perform an in-depth analysis of the content submitted by you to make sure that it is unique, well-written, original, and valuable enough to suit our readers’ needs.
  • The final say will be ours as to whether or not the content that you have submitted is a potential fit for our website or not. We also have the right to modify or make any last-minute changes in your submitted content if required.
  • We will get back to you regarding the confirmation of your submitted article, that is, whether your article has been approved to be published on our website or not. You also need to remember that once your article gets published on our website, you will have no right to post the same article anywhere else.

And there you have it. This is everything that you need to keep in mind before you contribute your valuable content to be shared on our site for our beloved readers. In case you are interested, you can ping us at info.datarecovo@gmail.com , info@datarecovo.com in a proper format as mentioned in the submission guidelines above.

We look forward to your response, and we assure you that we value your time and effort and will get back to you in no more than 1 or 2 business days.