When is It Absolutely Necessary to Update to a New Phone?

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There was a time when it was necessary to upgrade your phone about every two years but not necessarily anymore.   However, there are certain things to look out for that show that you should upgrade your smartphone.

It took a while for the whole smartphone phenomenon to take hold.  However, once it did the smartphone became a modern-day necessity and an incredibly useful one.   But the downside meant that once you had invested in your first phone, it meant keeping up with the need to upgrade every couple of years because the manufacturers insisted that this was a requirement.

Buying a new smartphone used to mean a big deal and meant entering into a whole other world of technology and possibilities.  But today, it’s unlikely that you need to upgrade your phone so often, and certainly not every two years as it used to be recommended. You can still enter a Fair Go casino login from any smartphone.

When is the Right Time to Upgrade?

The reason to upgrade may possibly be as simple as when you desire a new phone and/or your changing needs.

Is having 5G Important?

One of the reasons people give for upgrading is because of network capability. Because 5G is on the up and 3G is on the way out, you probably feel pressured into thinking it’s time to trade in your old version or be left out in the cold.   Fortunately, network upgrades take a relatively long time.  3G rolled out in 2002 and has been functioning for 20 years.  In 2010 4G launched so you have loads of time before being on an outdated network.  5G does offer faster speeds than 4G but do you really need it that fast?  The majority of us can actually manage perfectly well with 4G speeds.

A new network launch doesn’t mean therefore that you need to rush to upgrade your phone unless you are involved in something that requires those speeds.  If not, you can manage with the phone you have for a few more years.

Enhanced Technology

With each new smartphone comes enhanced technology but the past few years haven’t seen anything particularly spectacular. The newer phones do have upgrades but they could be termed as “incremental” -improved, or offering slightly better quality, as with the camera for example.   Hardly any reasons to buy a new phone.

The new phones with these incremental upgrades are also very expensive.  The amount of enhancement that you are getting for the amount of money you need to pay makes upgrading not worthwhile so frequently.   Before you splash out on the latest model, consider what you are gaining for the amount of money you are spending.

Obviously, if you are offered a free upgrade by your carrier or you can trade in your current phone then it may be worthwhile.

Consider Whether It is Eco-friendly to Continually Upgrade

The environmental impact of upgrading your phone should also be a consideration. About 25 million tons worth of waste is produced each year.  E-waste is particularly difficult because of its toxicity. By not replacing your phone so frequently you will be helping in the effort to reduce this waste.

So, When is the Right Time to Upgrade?

There are some clear signs that it is time to upgrade your phone.

Degrading: Smartphones, like anything else, will begin to wear out.  You may find that your phone begins to show signs of aging after a few years.

For instance, your phone may have compatibility problems with some newer apps, or the battery begins to be problematic.

Updates and security issues: Your phone will probably receive a few years of updates when purchased from carriers but if you have an older iOS or an Android, it is likely that you will not be able to get security updates any longer which could be a real problem.

Capabilities: You know what it is you need from your phone.  If you are using your phone for work, it could be that the older versions of apps will not be sufficient for you to carry out your job. Perhaps your work involves taking professional photos and you need the improved camera on the new phones.

Storage on the phone may also be an issue.  True you can always clear space by deleting or moving things to be cloud-based but this can be challenging.   If space is a problem, then a new phone will solve the issue.

Value: It is worth considering the value of your present phone.  The value is continually dropping.  It is worth checking the value of your current phone against the cost of an upgrade.


It is not an automatic decision to upgrade your smartphone as it was in years gone by.  Today it really depends on your particular situation and needs.  If you are unsure as to whether to upgrade or not, chances are you can push it off for a while.

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