Money Back Guarantee Policy

We need to guarantee that each customer is completely happy with our product. For any technical help, don't hesitate to send your questions at our mail. In case, if you found that product isn't best fit for your prerequisites, you can endeavor to reach our customer support team and we will take the necessary steps to make things right.

Demo Version Before the Final Purchase

Customer’s satisfaction is our top-most priority that is why we serve at the behest of customers. We provide a quality product to our customers. To ensure that our customers get what they need we provide a free demo or trial version of our product to the customers for evaluating the proficiencies of the tool. We highly believe in our product if customers use the demo version of our software they will surely go for the licensed version. The demo version of our tool is available free of cost and one can download it and gauge its capabilities. The main USP of our software is it gives similar features just like full and licensed version. The only difference is it is the limited version of our software wherein with full version you can perform unlimited tasks. In the demo version you can preview the recovered data, but to recover the data you’ll need to purchase the licensed version of the software.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you have purchased our tool even after using the trial version, eligibility for the 30-day money back guarantees policy is still available for you. Our money back guarantee policy is not applicable in all cases as it has some terms and conditions. There are a few particular conditions where we cannot ponder the refund claim and you can check the below-given details.

Dear customers, please read the following conditions before you claim to refund the money.

No Refund Conditions

  • If you had changed your mind after buying the product from us
  • Misinterpret the information available on the website or you failed to read the full information about our product
  • You lose the download link or the email address
  • You are claiming to have the void license code however in our test, it is showing valid
  • You have crossed the 30 days period
  • You are not satisfied with the invoice of our purchasing platform
  • An interruption in license processing
  • 100% data cannot be recovered as it is not possible every time. if the tool recovers 20% of the files, there is no issue with the tool. Hence cannot ask for a refund
  • The software doesn’t match the system configuration

Money Back Guarantee Conditions

  • Purchased a wrong product and want to purchase the right product from our website
  • You can ask for a refund, If you purchased the exact product multiple times
  • If you don’t receive the download link from our company within 24 hours, you can ask for a refund. The fault is considered from the website side
  • If our support team is enabled to resolve your issue, this situation makes you eligible you for a refund the some amount
  • Befall any software error or installation failure due to a technical problem found in our test

What to Do After the Refund

After you get the approval of refund, you have to follow below-given instructions.

  • You need to uninstall the software and delete the product file from your device as the company will instantly deactivate the activation key which you used to activate the product
  • You should check your account and make sure you have received your money back or not.
  • If you need help with any other product or want to purchase another tool you can definitely contact us anytime.

Heartily thanks and we appreciate your time to read our money back guarantee policy heedfully. We hope this information served you well and guided to buying the products from us.

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