Guide to Set up Small Company Office

A Complete Guide on Setting Up a Small Company Office

Whether you have been running your business for a little while, or whether you are new to the game you will require somewhere to springboard your company from. Working from home is good and being based from home can have its advantages, but if you have other employees working from your home is this the right way to go, and does your home address or screaming kids in the background look good and favorable to potential new clients or customers?

Of course, there are lots of things you have to weigh up, but getting a small company office set up is a positive step forward no matter the size of your company. Having that physical presence to work from is what you may need to maintain that positive and focused mindset which you might struggle to ascertain when working from home. Once you have made the commitment and the decision to set up a company office it is all stations go. With any new office there is always so much to think about and factor in, so just where should you start and most importantly what you should be thinking about to ensure that your office gets launched and runs the correct way.

How Do You Want to Space to Look and Feel?

Perhaps you have seen office buildings or units that look promising but you are still not sure which one is right for you, perhaps you are just starting and trying to establish which direction to go in. Whatever stage you are at finishing an office you must think about how the office space will look and feel. Getting a good feel for a place within the first few seconds of entering is often a good sign. If you do not get good vibes instantly then take a step back and take a practical and honest look at the office on offer. For example, if it ticks most boxes but not all then it should not be completely ruled out, it should perhaps be put on the back burner. When you are looking for new locations it can be easy to be quick to make a choice or decision but if you can you must try to weigh up all of the positives and negatives that a location has on offer.

Utilize Professional Assistance and Guidance

Trying to set up your new office all on your own would be incredibly tiring and tricky. There are so many things to sort out from the insurance to the new marketing literature that must be produced asap. As and where you can you must utilize the support and assistance of other professionals. For example, offers tax information for your new venture that you can see and get help from. Setting up an office that lasts requires you to manage and delegate jobs and responsibilities in the best way possible. For example, if you need more software than you can buy in your local high street then get in contact with a provider to help you find some. 

Setting up a new office can be expensive so you must get a budget in place as soon as you can. Factoring in a full refit, new equip0ment, and new furniture may be one of the furthest things away from your mind at this point, but it shouldn’t be, it should be one of your main areas of focus, to ensure that you get good value for money and to ensure that you do not end up spending more than you can afford too.

Focus on Quality and Not Just Quantity

It can be easy to get things that you like but do not necessarily need within your new office and this is one of those occasions when it is important to stop yourself and focus on quality, not quantity. If you are trying to get the right feel and impression of your business and new office then you will want to ensure your space is on the same page as you and your business.

Getting the Right Equipment

A small company office requires you to have the right equipment. The right equipment can and will, of course, vary from sector to sector but on the whole, you should look at getting suitable computers, both desktops and laptops, telephony systems, printers, and scanners. When setting up an office you should think about what you would need daily and then make a list. From your list, you will be able to see what you need and what you want which will further help you stay within budget.

Storage Solutions and Office Furniture is Important Too

No matter how much online storage you take advantage of there will always be those occasions whereby you need to keep a paper trail. Keeping paper copies of documents within your office will take up space, but to solve this you need to introduce adequate storage solutions. Having systems in place that are easy to maintain and keep orderly will ensure that you can access the documents you need to with ease. As well as storage solutions the office furniture you incorporate into your office is just as important as anything. That flat pack furniture that is cheap to buy might not last you longer than a few years, so think about getting the best quality that you can afford to ensure you are not having to replace items next year just as you are working or focusing on your business.

In the stress, anxiety, and pressure of everything that is going on with setting up a new office it can be easy to forget about the important, but non-physical purchases you need to make. For example, the buildings and contents insurance you require, or the employer coverage you need should you have other team members on site. Having suitable insurance will make sure that your new office can run both effectively and efficiently without having to focus on, or worry about external factors that you do not have control over.

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