Exploring the Different Types of Sports Bets

Sports betting has a very large number of markets and odds. This is something that can be overwhelming or that leads bettors to dominate only a few of them in order to maximize their chances of obtaining greater profits.

However, bettors might also be missing out on other opportunities. When betting on an online sportsbook like Betcris, there are a lot of different options to consider.

Half Time Bets

Why wait until the game is over to make a profit? Half-time bets invite you to guess the team that will lead at the end of the first half, the first two quarters, or, in short, that moment in which the players take the path to the locker room to take advantage of the rest time.

Half-Time / End of Match Betting

The difficulty increases with this type of bet, as well as the options to get more profits. Half-time/end-of-match betting goes further and requires you to guess which team will lead at half-time and which will win at the end of the match.

The options increase since there can be the dominance of a team at a time and the tables turn after the restart, so having statistics from previous games at hand will be essential to make money in this market.

Both Teams Will Score

This type of bet is usually focused on soccer, but we can also find it in sports with short markers in scoring. As you can imagine, the premise is to guess if the two contenders will be able to score. This implies knowing their scoring ability, the number of times they approach the rival goal, and the number of goals they concede, a host of statistics that can lead to huge profits.

Live Betting

If waiting for the game to finish is not your thing, live betting will satisfy your need to get payouts in short intervals of time. The odds of the different markets available in live betting are updated every few minutes, always depending on what happens on the field of play, so you must be very attentive to these variations to confirm your ticket at the right time before the odds drop exponentially or that market in which you had your hopes of victory disappear directly.

Halftime / End – Correct Score

If the odds available for the winner at half time and at the end of the match do not appeal to you or you prefer more complicated options, this is one of the markets that can satisfy your needs. Undoubtedly, it is a very difficult type of bet, since they need to hit the registered marker both at half-time and at the end of regulation time, something that, in any case, can bring you some of the most suggestive profits.

The 1X2

These are the most common bets in the world of sports. As if it were a pool. The premise is to hit the winner of the match, and in case there is the possibility of ending in a draw, you can also bet on the tables. Keep in mind that in sports such as football or handball, in which there is a possibility of a tie, the success rate goes from 50% to 33.3%.

Handicap Bets

Another of the markets most pursued by bettors is handicap betting. This type of betting increases the difficulty since the sportsbooks penalize the favorite team and favor the underdog, so it is necessary to use the statistics again to know if we can bet on a team that is capable of overcoming that handicap imposed by the experts of the bookmakers.

Correct Result

There are markets that can lead you to win large amounts of money, and one of them is the one that invites you to guess the correct result of a match. These bets also tend to focus on sports with a low score, which does not prevent it from being very difficult to guess the final result. A bad day for a key player or the resurrection of a team that seemed destined for defeat can ruin your previous study of the match, but if you get it right, you will celebrate the payments obtained for everything.


If you want to remove the draw option to maximize your chances of victory, you should focus on the tie bets, but you should also bear in mind that this increase in the percentage of success implies a considerable reduction in potential profits. It may not be the most profitable market economically speaking, but it is one of the favorites for those bettors who have no problem increasing their portfolio little by little.

Asian Handicap

Another way to eliminate the option of a draw is through Asian handicap bets, one of the most popular among veteran bettors and which will require acquiring certain knowledge for the most novice or, directly, those who are thinking of starting their adventure. in the betting world.

Double Chance

Bets with double chance or double opportunity make the probability of success enormous since you can bet on two of the three options of 1X2 (local victory, draw, or away victory). Obviously, these markets imply a very large reduction in odds. Still, as in the markets mentioned above, they are very useful for bettors who aspire to achieve great benefits in the long term.

Parlay (Combined Bets)

If there are several events that arouse your interest and you want to get a good amount of profit, surely you are one of those who do not hesitate to look for combined bets. In this case, we are talking about tickets in which several bets are shown, whether they are from the same match, from different matches, or even from different sports. The difficulty of parlays is that you need to get all the predictions right for the ticket to be declared the winner, but if you do, you can boast of great sports knowledge and more than striking earnings.

Simple Bets

If you do not want to complicate your life with parlays, it is clear that simple bets are your thing. The profits will not be as attractive, but the fact that you can fail with any of your predictions means that they also have a great following, without forgetting that they are the focus of novice bettors.

Margin of Victory

In this market, bettors can bet on the exact margin of victory that will be seen in a match, something typical in sports with low scoring markers, or on scoring ranges if you bet on disciplines such as basketball or American football.

Totals (Over/Under)

The Totals (Over/Under) bets have numerous fans in sports betting, and it is that getting the number of points that will be signed between the two teams is something very entertaining, in addition to being very beneficial in terms of profits.

Number of Goals – Even / Odd

It may not be one of the most persecuted markets due to its randomness in sports with high scores, but it should be taken into account in disciplines that close their matches with low results. If you have in mind the scoring ability of the contenders in a match, it is very likely that you will be able to guess the number of goals that will be registered, so you will not mind betting on an odd or even number when looking for profits.

Total Number of Goals

If you do not want to complicate your life so much and you have no problem reducing the volume of winnings, you can always focus on betting on the total number of goals. Once again, we are talking about a market focused on sports with low scores and in which statistics have a great influence, as well as the current performance of the most prolific players in front of the rival goal.

First Team to Score

The teams that have the most scoring potential are usually the ones in charge of opening the scoring, so you can look for luck by betting on the team that you think will be in charge of opening the can. As a general rule, these types of bets usually offer very generous odds, so it is a good way to add funds to your winning portfolio.

These are the most followed markets in sports betting. However, it depends on the bettors’ preferences to choose the ones that most attract their attention in order to be a much more complete bettor.

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