6 PDFBear Features That Will Help in Your Office Work

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Are you looking for a convenient companion for your pdf needs? Then, look no further because PDFBear is the one you’re looking for. It’s a website that focuses on manipulating pdf files to your liking. If you don’t believe me, here are six features that can help you in your school or office work.

PDF Conversion

When you’re in school or at the office, you’re guaranteed to encounter tons of paperwork. Most of the time, you make these essays or reports through Word or Powerpoint and submit them as is. But there are exceptions when the boss or professor asks you to submit them in another format, like a pdf. When that happens, you only need to go to PDFBear’s website.

On their webpage, they have a feature known as pdf conversion. As its name suggests, you can change your file to a PDF or PDF to PPT and vice-versa. So, for example, your teacher or manager gives you a pdf document and asks you to edit it. The easiest way for you to fix it would be to change it to a word file. You only need to go to the PDFBear site, have it converted, edit it, then convert the Word to PDF again before giving it back to the big man.

Split and Merge

During this worldwide quarantine, everybody had to avoid going outside to minimize the spread of the virus. So, schools and companies adjusted how they operate. Thus, online classes and work-from-home were born. And, when these institutions send an important file over the Internet, it usually is in the form of a pdf file.

At the end of a month’s work or learning, you’ll most likely have multiple, cluttered pdfs on your hard drive. Luckily, PDFBear has a few features that can help you organize those files. They are called Split and Merge PDF. If you haven’t figured it out yet, these functions let you divide and combine two or more pdfs. So, for instance, you can fuse all your Science-related pdf or separate a particularly lengthy report into different parts.


There comes a time when you downloaded a document, and the screen would show that you don’t have enough memory. Then, when you check your drive, you see files and programs that take most of your disk space. You just wish that you could make them smaller, somehow.

Fortunately, there is something like that for pdf files. In PDFBear, they have a program that’s called Compress PDF. It shrinks your pdf document’s size, but, ironically, it retains its quality. It’s particularly beneficial in efficiently managing space in your drive and when sending large files through email.


Corrupted files are one of the worst things that could happen to your documents. Although rare, damaged files can still come out of nowhere and stab you in the back. Moreover, it gives you double the hassle since you already lost all the progress you had, and you’d need to start over. Thankfully, our bear-y friend has something that could potentially save broken pdfs.

PDFBear has developed a program that can fix, or at least try, damaged or corrupted pdf files. Simply named Repair PDF, the feature will attempt to restore the broken pdf to its original state or, at the minimum, a workable version of it. Moreover, this feature is similar to what tech and pc repair shops use to fix corrupted files, so you know it’s legit.

eSign PDF

This feature is one of the latest ones PDFBear added to their roster. So if you don’t have a pen mouse to sign your name in documents, this is the next best thing. This software allows you to write your signature and insert it on a pdf file. Furthermore, it has other options like typing your initials, and it appears in a cursive script if you don’t like writing with your mouse.


The safety of your files is a priority. That’s why people use the pdf format in the first place. But, what if you can go a bit further in terms of your pdf file security? Let me introduce the website’s security feature, Protect PDF. When you use this, it lets you add a password to your file and encrypts it so that no one can open the file unless the correct code is input.

It is beneficial for documents that contain confidential information like the private details of an interviewee or a company secret. And, when you don’t need it anymore, you can also remove the encrypted password with the counterpart program, Unlock PDF.


PDFBear is an incredible pdf multi-tool that can certainly assist with your pdf concerns in the office or at school. It has many more helpful features in its selection, so if you want to know and explore more, go to their website and check it out.

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